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  1. Thanks, Ron. Trying to keep it that way. I hate winter.
  2. Ok, thanks, that’s good to know. I see a little thicker viscosity in the Quick Detailer as well, especially when it hits cooler painted surfaces. It doesn’t work quite as well. It’s interesting that I never had this issue, or the freezing issues, with Zaino products, which I’ve mostly used in the past. All about the chemistry, I suppose. My new acquisition...
  3. It’s cold here in the Midwest. Below zero at night and barely in double digits in the daytime. I just received an order of ONR and the contents of the 32oz bottle was frozen solid when it arrived. I am slowly defrosting it and after about three hours it’s only now starting to slush around a bit. This is going to take a while! My question is, will this freeze/ thaw cycle hurt the performance of ONR in any way? I also noticed a problem with my Optimum Car Wash. I had the bottle in my garage which in the winter I keep heated to around 50 degrees unless I am out there and then I warm it up to 70 or so. I noticed that my Car Wash had congealed and separated to a very thick jello-like goo. I was shocked to see this happen at 50 degrees. I am warming this up as well and it’s slowly going back to normal consistency. Will there be any damage to the Car Wash because of this?
  4. Thanks guys. I am going to give the car another coat. Maybe I missed spots and that’s the issue. Is it possible to coat too lightly? As I first mentioned, I used very little of the vial for the whole car.
  5. Thanks Guz. I suppose I will use paint prep to clean the surface and then I will try another coat of Gloss Coat. Sigh.
  6. Thanks Guz. Yes, I understand that, but my touch, that caused the super fine scratches, was incredibly light. I've never seen anything like it. And I've been doing this a long time. I was "hoping" I did something wrong. I was really hoping there was something I could fix. Because there is no way this paint finish could withstand the role of a daily driver without getting really messed up over a short period of time. Honestly, something isn't right. 1. If I were to try a second coat would the OPT Paint Prep remove the coat of Opti Seal I put on top? 2. Is the Pro Level Opti Coat "that" much harder than Gloss Coat? I need a solution.
  7. I came into a predicament today and need some more advise. I coated my brand new Audi TTS, metallic red paint with extremely soft clear coat. After the coating cured I also did a quick wipe of Opti Seal. It looks stunning. EXCEPT that the surface scratches VERY, VERY easily. I wiped my fingers over a spot and it caused very light scratches. I am so disappointed. So I polished it back and re-coated the surface. I had hoped that the Gloss Coat would have offered ‘some’ protection from scratching. I am talking about scratching from an extremely light pressure. Is this indicative of a poor application? Did I do something wrong? Ugh. I feel gutted. All this work and such disappointing results.
  8. I have one more question to add to my thread. I coated my wheels with Gloss Coat and typically have used just OPT car wash shampoo on the wheels but my newest car really puts out the brake dust so I may need to use a cleaner to facilitate easy washing. Will conventional wheel cleaners degrade the Gloss Coat? Thanks!
  9. First attempt at using Gloss Coat

    Thanks, Guz. Appreciate the help as always.
  10. First attempt at using Gloss Coat

    Can (or should) you give a second coat of Gloss Coat on the paint? I did my whole Audi TT with less than half a vial of Gloss Coat. It seems like maybe I should have used more. (?) Any advantages or disadvantages to doing a second coat of Gloss Coat? Good tip about the glass. I assume a good Windex cleaning is enough for a new cars glass?
  11. Thanks for the feedback, guys. Very helpful. I'll try some things and report back!
  12. One more question...I watched the video how they used the Car Wax when claying. Do you think I could use the QD instead? Still not clear on the benefits of Car Wax. (If I use QD and Opti Seal already) BTW, the claying towel looks pretty neat. I haven't seen it available at my usual detailing sites, but I will keep looking.
  13. Thanks for the reply, Guz! Good info. I'll search that out on the Rag Company Channel. I have followed that for a while, now. I do use the Optimum QD frequently and every other wash will use Opti Seal. But have never used the Car Wax. I sort of thought that was redundant. But maybe it isn't? I'm not sure of the benefits. I will look into it. And I have not heard of the Hyper Seal you refer to. So I will look into that as well. Thanks again.
  14. I have Gloss-Coat-ed two of my cars and am wondering how to handle routine maintenance and contamination issues. 1. Will the use of a spray-on ferrous remover like Car Pro Iron X (or any brand) degrade my Gloss Coat? 2. Will the careful use of a Nanoskin (fine) wash mitt to remove surface contaminants degrade my Gloss Coat? 3. I should know this, but as a general guess, how long should I expect the single coat of Gloss Coat to last? My cars are garaged at night, washed weekly (dried with Master Blaster), QD'd daily, with solely Optimum products. So far I have been very pleased with the results of my "big Optimum experiment"! The exception, however, is some unfortunate straight-line marring caused by what I suspect was a mechanic using a cheap towel to wipe off his fingerprints while at the dealership getting some work done. I had hoped Gloss Coat would have protected the paint better. Oh well. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks!