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  1. Thanks for the feedback, guys. Very helpful. I'll try some things and report back!
  2. One more question...I watched the video how they used the Car Wax when claying. Do you think I could use the QD instead? Still not clear on the benefits of Car Wax. (If I use QD and Opti Seal already) BTW, the claying towel looks pretty neat. I haven't seen it available at my usual detailing sites, but I will keep looking.
  3. Thanks for the reply, Guz! Good info. I'll search that out on the Rag Company Channel. I have followed that for a while, now. I do use the Optimum QD frequently and every other wash will use Opti Seal. But have never used the Car Wax. I sort of thought that was redundant. But maybe it isn't? I'm not sure of the benefits. I will look into it. And I have not heard of the Hyper Seal you refer to. So I will look into that as well. Thanks again.
  4. I have Gloss-Coat-ed two of my cars and am wondering how to handle routine maintenance and contamination issues. 1. Will the use of a spray-on ferrous remover like Car Pro Iron X (or any brand) degrade my Gloss Coat? 2. Will the careful use of a Nanoskin (fine) wash mitt to remove surface contaminants degrade my Gloss Coat? 3. I should know this, but as a general guess, how long should I expect the single coat of Gloss Coat to last? My cars are garaged at night, washed weekly (dried with Master Blaster), QD'd daily, with solely Optimum products. So far I have been very pleased with the results of my "big Optimum experiment"! The exception, however, is some unfortunate straight-line marring caused by what I suspect was a mechanic using a cheap towel to wipe off his fingerprints while at the dealership getting some work done. I had hoped Gloss Coat would have protected the paint better. Oh well. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Forum was down a long time?

    I thought you guys were hiding from me for asking stupid questions!
  6. I appreciate your thoughts on Paint Prep. Maybe it did more than I gave it credit for. And my expectations were a bit high, too. Was hoping for an easy fix. The AIO was on about 6 months. In that time the car has only gained 1500 miles, so much of its life its garaged. So the AIO definitely felt like it had some life in it. OK, I will give the Optimum applicator a try. I haven't used it yet. As for the CarPro applicator, I ended up using it without a suede cover. Just the bare foam. Seemed to work ok. But I will take your suggestion. Thanks for the feedback guys. You've convinced me to save what work I've done and move forward with the yet un-coated panels. I will polish and use PaintPrep and hope for a clean canvas. I ordered another 10cc syringe of GlossCoat. Let's hope this one dispenses better!
  7. I probably made the mistake of not completely removing Zaino in all areas of my paint. I was erroneously under the impression that Paint Prep would suffice. I thought it was something special. It's really not. Wish I would have saved the $$ and just stuck with IA and a buffer. Anyway, now I guess I am faced with needing to buff out the whole car to be sure I have a fresh slate. I assume I can buff off the Gloss Coat? Especially, I suppose, where it sits on top of the AIO in areas? If I left it as is, what would be the worst case? Just less durability? I'm particularly disappointed because I used almost a whole 10cc vial. I used a CarPro applicator and didn't think I wasted the coating at all. I spread it very methodically and only refilled my applicator when it ran dry. ( I was hampered by a leaking seal in the syringe which left huge drips on my garage floor. $$) Could the fact that I was potentially applying the GC on top of Zaino, in some areas, affected the application such that it caused some of the extra waste? So right now I am trying to decide if I should cut my losses and go back to Zaino or order yet more GC. I hate to, since this was my grand experiment into coatings. Grr. Sorry for the rant, just a bit bummed at my own errors and product expectations.
  8. Ok, Optimum guru's, I have another question. I am applying Gloss Coat o my red BMW. The BMW was previously coated with Zaino All In One. Would a wipe down with Optimum Paint Prep enough to remove the Zaino? Or does it have to be polished off? Thanks in advance.
  9. Your thoughts make perfect sense. And it's what I presumed. But being new to Gloss-Coat I wanted to experiment and experience the hype of a "coating" and didn't want to screw it up, diminish it or improve it with a topcoat or maintenance product. Hence all my questions.
  10. Ahh, glad I asked! Yes, XPEL is what I will be using.
  11. I just thought of another question that I might as well throw out now. Is there any problem putting a clear bra on a car coated in Gloss-Coat? I am getting a new car and will eventually get a clear bra, and will certainly put a coating on top of that. But I am not going to get it clear bra'd right away so I thought I would Gloss-Coat it for a while then add the clear bra when I can.
  12. Great info, Guz. I appreciate the feedback. I look forward to listening to the podcast. I didn't know they existed. Thanks!
  13. Guz, Thanks for the great feedback. (And those pics are impressive! ) You have me intrigued with your thoughts on the ONR and OID comparison I am getting the QD and look forward to doing a comparison myself. Your comments on claying really got me thinking. I was hopeful that Gloss-Coat would be more resistant to fallout. Not so? Stuck in my old school ways, I haven't used any ferrex product I'm embarrassed to say. I haven't felt the need. I guess I need to see proof that they are better than my own regimen of care. I'm always fearful of doing harm or degrading the finish or protective layer I have put on. Plus I am leary of "marketing" claims. That, and I am cheap! Lol! Overthinking is my middle name, can't you tell!
  14. I've wondered this myself. And how durable is Gloss-Coat against other products such as chemical cleaners, solvents or light abrasives such as those in cleaner waxes?
  15. Ok, ok! I'll get some Opti Seal, too. Boy, you guys are costing me a lot of money! I've probably got 30+ waxes and sealants on the shelves. I knew I should have stayed away from Optimum. Sucked in. It's a sickness. So it sounds like I can't really go wrong playing with Opti-Seal. You mentioned waiting an hour after Gloss-Coat to apply it. To be clear, you mean "anytime after" an hour, right? After an hour, the next day or next week. It isnt a minimum time window to be applied, I assume. And I might as well try some of the Optimum Car Wash, too. I think my Zaino Z10 would suffice, but it sounds like Ron is challenging me to experiment. Lol! That's what I love to do anyway. Since we we are adding to my arsenal, I have a question on ONR. In the dead of winter I use it for a waterless wash. But I prefer wasting lots of water the rest of the year. (!) But it is advertised as being able to be used as a QD. What is better, ONR diluted as a QD or Optimum Instant Detailer? I'm just wondering if there are other uses for ONR. So far I am thinking my regimen will be: Gloss Coat, occasional Opti Seal applications, wash with Optimum Car Wash, frequent quick detailing with either diluted ONR or Optimum Instant Detailer. Does this sound good? So......anything else I MUST HAVE? (Or really don't need?) Thanks for letting me rattle off questions. No worries, I am a gun-free American. Yes, they do exist! Lol!