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  1. No worries, I will gladly convert to ONR. I’m getting soft in my old age. Besides, I just ordered a gallon of the wonderjuice.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. And the reminder of past discussions on which quick detailer is best for household duties. I still prefer the fresh scent of Zaino.
  3. I’m afraid I don’t know about Tort. I’ve lost track of most of the old Autopia moderators. Even David Bynon is off to yet another career. A half gallon for washing is amazing. After so many years of flushing a mitt with running water after practically every stroke I feel uncomfortable using so little liquid to wipe off dirt. Even after presoaking a panel with ONR spray, I like to have a saturated dripping sponge to wipe the surface clean. I understand I am over-doing it, and I know it’s not supposed to be necessary, but it’s a psychological barrier I have yet to overcome. I think that I may be more satisfied using the two bucket method that you are using but I will probably be more wasteful with the ONR mix for a while.
  4. Thanks, I need to gain confidence that ONR is encapsulating the dirt on the surface and that it is truly released in the bucket. I like doing a presoak as well.
  5. Well, I am not sure what year I joined, but I know I was #3. That just confirms I am old and my eyes are failing so my flawless results are indeed subjective and prejudicial!
  6. Thanks for the feedback. Your experience helps with my OCD tendencies and the need to overthink everything. My “old school” techniques with washing and drying have shown pretty flawless results for a long, long time. (Us original Autopia geezers, if nothing else, have a lot of experimentation under our belts!) I’ve made quite a few changes lately- started using Optimum on some of my cars, redesigned my garage layout, got a master blaster and a built in power washer set up. So I am changing my regimen quite a bit and morphing a lot of my new and old techniques. Sometimes, like the sloppy, dirty winter, I am in full-on power wash and foam cannon mode. More often, I just need light washes. So I’m just continuing to experiment and gleaning knowledge from you guys until I get into my “groove”. Thanks.
  7. Curious, what method do you use to rinse dirt out of the sponge? Two bucket method? Single bucket? Or hose rinse?
  8. Yep, I like the noodle mitt as well. Though I have pretty much everything. It’s a sickness!
  9. Lowejackson, yes, I have been doing some alternating between ONR and water/car wash mainly because I had hoped ONR left residual protection. Now I am a bit leery of that. Hmm. I never thought of mixing ONR with a shampoo. Would be interesting to try, though I may not really know if it’s working or not. Curious, what do you guys use with your ONR application? I have a Big Red and small Blue sponge but honestly, they scare me to death for fear of scratching. (Nothing bad has happened yet, but still.) Are these sponges “really” special? I do appreciate the water/lube they hold, however. I am tempted to use a microfiber mitt or towel because I trust them more, but not really sure if they would make any difference.
  10. Thanks for the feedback, Guz. The info is helpful. Yes, I’ve always been a bucket and hose wash guy. Thankfully there have never been water restrictions here. But I do want to start taking advantage of the polymers that Optimum products have hence my experiments with a bit of a hybrid system. Baby steps! I still cringe a little when using just ONR and my blue sponge. I’ve yet to get hold of the Hyper Seal. I know very little about it. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks Ron. I wish the ONR didn’t streak when blown dry, because I find the Master Blaster works well for me, personally. So maybe this isn’t a reasonable route to take. (ONR-rinse-blow)
  12. 1. After reading and watching videos I understand how ONR encapsulates dirt and protects the surface of my paint. (Coated with Gloss Coat) I think I also heard that the more you ONR the surface, the more it helps protect and keep the surface slick. (I may be paraphrasing, please correct me if you need to). I get the impression that it builds up or at least keeps boosting the surface protection or cleansing properties. True? And if it is, how does it compare to the benefits/lasting effects of Optimum Car Wash? 2. When using ONR as directed I can just wipe off with a microfiber and be done, I get that. But I like drying with a Master Blaster and find that ONR leaves some streaking. Is there any detriment to washing with ONR, then rinsing with water and then blowing dry? In other words, if I rinse the remnants of ONR off with water, instead of drying it directly with a microfiber, do I lose any of the surface protection or boost of the ONR properties? Do any benefits wash away? Or should I just use Optimum Car Wash (Since we have no water conservation issues.) and use the ONR as designed and keep it for the winter when I don’t want to use so much water in the cold? I’m just looking for anything to maximize ease of cleaning as well as protection.
  13. Thanks, Ron. Trying to keep it that way. I hate winter.
  14. Ok, thanks, that’s good to know. I see a little thicker viscosity in the Quick Detailer as well, especially when it hits cooler painted surfaces. It doesn’t work quite as well. It’s interesting that I never had this issue, or the freezing issues, with Zaino products, which I’ve mostly used in the past. All about the chemistry, I suppose. My new acquisition...
  15. It’s cold here in the Midwest. Below zero at night and barely in double digits in the daytime. I just received an order of ONR and the contents of the 32oz bottle was frozen solid when it arrived. I am slowly defrosting it and after about three hours it’s only now starting to slush around a bit. This is going to take a while! My question is, will this freeze/ thaw cycle hurt the performance of ONR in any way? I also noticed a problem with my Optimum Car Wash. I had the bottle in my garage which in the winter I keep heated to around 50 degrees unless I am out there and then I warm it up to 70 or so. I noticed that my Car Wash had congealed and separated to a very thick jello-like goo. I was shocked to see this happen at 50 degrees. I am warming this up as well and it’s slowly going back to normal consistency. Will there be any damage to the Car Wash because of this?