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  1. prerunner97

    Optimum No Rinse as a QD & Clay Lube

    How many oz do I mix for a 32oz bottle for a quick detailer?
  2. Does poli seal have enough cut to remove any micro marring left behind by a medium grade clay bar? I would be using poli seal with a white polishing pad and a FLEX DA. Thanks for your help
  3. prerunner97

    New Sprayer for OCW?

    Would I be able to use OCW with a new bottle and sprayer so I can spray a finer mist while applying? The bottle that OCW comes with is ok, but the spray isn't very fine. Thanks for your help.
  4. prerunner97

    Finish polish by hand

    Would I be able to use finish polish by hand? Such as a paint cleaner? Would it cause light swirls? I would be using a very soft foam pad by hand. Thanks
  5. prerunner97

    Optimum Finish Polish w/FLEX DA

    Would you reccomend I use a white polishing pad or a red finishing pad with my FLEX DA when I used Optimum Final Polish? Thanks for you help
  6. prerunner97

    Poli-Seal vs Polish II

    Which of these two products has more correction ability ( i am using a white Flex polishing pad) and do these products stain exterior trim? Thank you again for your help