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  1. eTupz

    Product to use

    Good Day, I have a plastic trim on my front bumper. Since Optimum products are very versatile. I'm not sure what to use for Cleaning and making in shine (or deep black i suppose). As always, Many Thanks.
  2. Hey Buja, Are you referring to pre-soak for Rinseless Wash method? Thanks...
  3. eTupz


    Thanks A&J...
  4. eTupz


    Good day, Anyonr using this while the Hood is still hot?Or can it be used during that state? Thank you...
  5. eTupz

    Wiper Mark

    Thanks Guys...
  6. eTupz

    Wiper Mark

    Hey Guys, Can MDR remove Wiper Mark? Thank you and regards...
  7. Who is Chris? I'm seeing a lot of post were in they received a reply from Chris but it's not shown on the thread. Thanks...
  8. eTupz

    Review: Optimum Opti Clean

    Thanks again guys for the prompt reply. Quality microfiber towels here in the Philippines are quite limited. I love to order towels from the Rag Company but the import tax here is so crazy. A popular seller here of quality of mf is Microtex by Haldan And Galway, an Asian company I think.
  9. eTupz

    Review: Optimum Opti Clean

    Hi A&J, Thanks for the reply. I plan to use Opti-Clean for in between washes. A store here sells a MF Towel with 75/25 blend 360 gsm 13 x 13. Is it good enough? Thanks...
  10. eTupz

    Review: Optimum Opti Clean

    Hi Ceedog, What's the GSM of the mf towel did you use? Thank you and regards...
  11. eTupz

    Replacement for Claying

    Thank you all for the suggestions. I've learned a lot since I joined this group. Here in the Philippines, my car gets dirty daily, medium to high dusting, sometimes road grime as well since there are spots on the road that has stagnant water which eventually produces mud. Specially the route that I drive daily is a shortcut but near a Dumpsite and Quarry vicinity. If anyone had already been here in the Philippines, you may have an idea of our road conditions here and traffic as well (hehehe) . Just clayed my car a month ago and applied a polish but was not satisfied with the product I used. That's why I plan to re-polish using Optimum Poli-Seal but I plan to skip the Clay due to time constraint. If the Optimum Clay Towel is sold here, it would a big time saver. Anyways, again thank you all.
  12. Many Thanks both for the inputs...