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  1. RE coating gloss coat

    Thanks that is what I will do The good is that these guys at alps are amazing so it will look good the owner of the1962 911 they were working in the paint booth asked me about my coating gave him info
  2. Well so much for Honda's aftermarket rust protection lol Side door had rust so took it to my body shop guy in Toronto alps again took inside panal off and rust every were will get used door and repaint door and quarter panel there goes my gloss coat Might as well do the hole car again my question is what is the best way to get it to stick to the old coat it's bin about a year My products consists of power clean,Mdr, no rinse wash, ferrex,opti clay kit, paint prep, opti carwash, and wax. I am thinking of getting some hyper polish but all I have is my polisher from Canadian tire it worked the first time lol I guess this is a bit long sorry
  3. Clearing car after snow storm

    Bin clearing snow of my cars for years lived in the Ontario snow belt for most of my life and made some mistakes scratched car Now I use the foam tool to get top layer off. I notice that once the car is warm the ice just slides off car is coated with gloss coat and wax still beading in February
  4. Just thought I would put my experience with OCW my car is gloss coated and I use optimum Wash soap before the snow started and the temp dropped I got three coats of wax on in a week nothing but constant snow and salt in toronto this winter I just go to the coin car wash rinse car it's bin to cold for any soap water beads of wax is still there love it Thanks
  5. Would it be better to put it in your rinse bucket when doing traditional two bucket wash
  6. Optimum MDR

    Yup thanks
  7. Opti Coat Pro + after washing

    Great just in time am ordering now will give it a try when it warns up don't now if it will work in - 20 Thanks my Ellie will like this
  8. Opti Coat Pro + after washing

    I like the tires to be clean but not shinny a Matt finish looks better I think don't no what the opti looks like?
  9. Optimum MDR

    Thanks Getting some product ordered for spring I want to strip any wax grease salt and any contamination from the winter this product sounds helpful I am thinking Mdr, paint prep, opti seal, then spray wax. What do you think The car is being washed once a week so far had some soap freeze to car but got it off when warmed up Thanks love the products
  10. Optimum MDR

    Saw This Product On Amazon Optimum Mineral Deposit remover will this clean my car but not remove my optimum gloss coat (the snow and slush is just not sticking to my car love it)
  11. Ocw

    Would like to get one more coat of ocw on before the snow flys what's the lowest temperature I can apply thanks
  12. OCW layering and cure time

    Hi I put a coat of ocw on every other wash ( I wash car once a week)easy looks great Can you buff this product I miss using my buffer
  13. Lots of streaking after application. :(

    Glad I did not have these problems with my opti gloss coating From what I have read the people that used the opti paint prep did not have any issues I also cleaned cleaned my Paint Washed with dish soap , clayed , polished washed again with opti carwash the paint was squeaky clean then the paint prep I did not have to do any paint correction The opti gloss self leveled no mater what I did thick or thin I really did not do any leveling just a gentle wipe I am no pro but this is the way I thought best from this form and others You have to take your time it's worth it Was clean as could be then the paint prep all done in shade