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  1. Habs


    Nice day in Toronto 8 degrees So I did a nice car wash today and used onr with wax first time of courses I have to use it in my own way Rinse car Foam gun with soap ( just love using this thing) Wash with My one bucket wash method (6 washmits in soapy water when one gets dirty grab a clean one ) Rinse car Then get clean wash mitt with bucket of onr with wax wash panal then dry with waffle weave towel I guess like super drying aid . It sound like extra time but just grabbing a new wash Mitt instead of going to rinse bucket is a little quicker can't understand why you want to put your wash mitt in dirty water that's just me Very nice shine The best thing is that nobody has talked about is the fact that this liquid wax is running in all the gaps and openings covering with wax great protection will use this every third wash great for door jams wax getting every were Then I went fishing next day muddy roads car covered in mud lol Took a hose and washed of mud nice beading and washed lower part of car with onr For sure the durability of spray wax is better but they both have there uses the car is gloss coated as well Thanks love opti products
  2. I use OCW as a drying aid every wash never get any water spots maybe because of the gloss coat I am using
  3. Habs

    Pre soak, lubrication

    This is how I wash now a bit simpler Rinse car Foam car Then I have one bucket full of wash mitts soaked in soapy water and wash car one mitt per panel Rinse car Then take weed sprayer with onr soak the car then dry with wax I am thinking of putting power clean in the soap this would realy clean the paint then re wax
  4. Habs

    Hyper Polish question

    great info some off the best advice i have read i n this form, was reading a lot about people having high spots with gloss coat your right about paint prep used gloss coat about three times used paint prep never had any issues and i am no pro. thanks
  5. Habs

    Big red sponge with the soap

    yes i am turning to the dark side as ron calls it lol rines car foam cannon opti car wash two bucket wash with onr ring out mitt on ground then rinse in clean water always put clean wash mitt in the onr rinse car then dry with spray wax why not stop the soap don"t realy like washing one panel at a time
  6. My new system of washing car is Rinse car garden hose Use Foam gun with otimum car soap let sit on car if not sunny Fill bucket with couple of gallons of water with two ounces of onr another with water Use wash mitt and dip in onr wash a panal ring out wash mitt Realy a two bucket wash then rinse car and dry with Opti spray wax there is no way you can scratch car I wash my car every week so realy the same amount of dirt One observation is that there is more dirt on my wash mitt when I rinse it then with the soap method??? And the car is very glossy and clean more money yes More water yes but wow
  7. Has any body tried this Maybe just with water or summertime fluid?
  8. Habs

    hyper-polish on windshield?

    Great thanks
  9. Habs

    hyper-polish on windshield?

    Thanks this what i will do
  10. Habs

    hyper-polish on windshield?

    Hi would like to do the same thing my glass has the image of the honda advertising on them after it was removed I guess they were on there for years and show up in the rain some times I hope polishing would get rid of it will try some glass polish maybe
  11. Habs

    ONR on polisher pad

    Instead of buying a pad washer just use the money to buy more pads use three or four when rhere dirty put them in some ONR then stop polishing and clean them and start again what do you think?
  12. Maybe I am turning to the dark side Rinsed my car Then put onr in the foam cannon and soaked car then two bucket wash with soap kills the suds a bit but man the car was clean car is gloss coated
  13. Thanks this is great info this is what I was looking for
  14. Habs


    Well so much for Honda's aftermarket rust protection lol Side door had rust so took it to my body shop guy in Toronto alps again took inside panal off and rust every were will get used door and repaint door and quarter panel there goes my gloss coat Might as well do the hole car again my question is what is the best way to get it to stick to the old coat it's bin about a year My products consists of power clean,Mdr, no rinse wash, ferrex,opti clay kit, paint prep, opti carwash, and wax. I am thinking of getting some hyper polish but all I have is my polisher from Canadian tire it worked the first time lol I guess this is a bit long sorry Need some help Looking for the right pads to re coat my car with gloss coat bit mind boggling half the car is new paint no defects at all the other half is coated has some small scratches some glue from plastic advertising. I have hyper polish and hyper compound will be using griot's 6inch and 3inch random polishers will clay and decon wash realy just need to get gloss coat to stick I guess the car is silver any help wold be great thanks
  15. Habs

    RE coating gloss coat

    Thanks that is what I will do The good is that these guys at alps are amazing so it will look good the owner of the1962 911 they were working in the paint booth asked me about my coating gave him info