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  1. Habs

    Power Clean Testing

    I think I read some were here that some one put powerclean in optimum soap to give it a little more cleaning power this might work on a realy dirty car
  2. Habs

    Power Clean Testing

    You can let t that power clean stay on the paint to long . Gloss coating the car then hyperseal will eliminate the need of power clean ing all the time I think it my be cheaper I tried paint prep to remove stains on plastic from powerclean nope straight powerclean did it
  3. Habs

    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Looks good optimum spray polish is so easy to use I did one or two panels on my honda element before wiping mainly to see how I was doing ...enjoyable process
  4. Habs

    Power Clean Testing

    I used power clean (3 to 1)for my decamination in a ik foam sprayer and yes I got it every were yes nice foam let it sit a bit then wiped with microfiber soaked in onr then rinsed with hose i did the hole car at once so I think it got left on some plastic to long and left some stains next day I scrubed with microfiber and a little power clean came right off this car is washed weekly it was amazing how much dirt the power clean took off great product but my favorite is the paint prep I would like to see if it would take these stains out
  5. Habs

    Is it possible to "overgo" Powerclean?

    I have been using hyperseal a few times now I applied it on the car after wash and dry and yes I think this will help you keep the car clean dirt falls off with rinse .
  6. Habs

    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Yup looks good my car is so hydrophobic ( gloss coat,hyper seal and wax )that rain clouds go around it lol
  7. Habs

    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Ha ha that looks good Its all about the paint prep lots of it . It just cleans so well
  8. Habs

    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Amazing Yes the polish is easy to use I also only had to make only a few passes my car was 5 years old when I got it but it was covered in honda vinyl advertising that was very thick when pulled off the paint was practically new . Just used there hyper seal very nice
  9. Habs

    Hello from Pittsburgh

    That's a big truck I don't think gloss coat is for glass. I think you will be short product for all that . I would do the roof with the gloss coat and keep it all the same so if you top of with other products it will all look the same in my case i park out side and my roof collects a lot if dirt and bird bomb's plus it gets pounded by the sun the car is a 2008 so you can see the roof has faded more than the sides also I have done some repainting they did a good job but it still shows up after gloss coated . You can find picks of my car on hear some were. Ithink you need another 10cc maybe some one will make suggestion. If I was going to take a short cut I would use hyperseal I just did it looks and sheets water just like gloss coat just doesn't last as long Good luck have fun
  10. Habs

    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Looks good Put a coat of opti spray wax or there detailer even more gloss
  11. Habs

    Opti-Seal V2.0

    Hi I just did a decamination wash This car has been gloss coated and has opti seal and optimum car wax on it as well as some optimum detailer I striped it all off right down to the gloss coat using mdr power clean and ferex so I then used hyperseal to see the full effect . Out standing mirror shine it rained hard the next day at night the car just sitting in drive better water just flew of car . I also put a coat of optimum spray wax on after the hyperseal in my opinion I think the car looks and is more protected then all of the other products I have used its easy to use but the best thing is all these products can work together next wash i will use some of optimums detailer to see what that looks like a bit wetter look I think you just cant go wrong with these products getting some crazy chemical reaction with different commpanys formulas . Then theres onr another great product
  12. Habs

    Decamination then hyperseal first time

    Yup your Wright Ron product comes out like a garden hose lol. My car has large panales and roof but still a mist would be easier to spread especially on wheel rims don't have a empty opti seal yet put will try a regular optimum sprayer from the wax maybe Used some optimum compound and polish on the foggy headlights all good used the hyperseal for protection
  13. Habs

    Decamination then hyperseal first time

    Thanks ron about 4 hours happy with it did the wheels also the hyperseal just melted into the paint nice product
  14. Just finished Decamination of the car has been gloss coated last year and has a few coats of wax and a couple of coats of optiseal on it Washed car with chemical guys citrus soap used about six ounces in a foam cannon thought this would take care of wax nope this is the only non opti product i used powerclean 3 to 1 Used ik sprayer agitated with one microfiber soaked in onr then rinse Mdr 3 to 1 in a ik sprayer then agitated with micro fiber soaked in onr then rinse Ferex bottom of car around wheels front bumper back bumper then rinse Had to work fast I was in the sun but managed to keep the car wet. I could see the beading off water changing as the car was stripped of wax optiseal and detail spray Paint prep realy used alot the car was sqeaky clean the silver metallic paint shined gloss coat was still there Hyper seal first time using it started with roof used the sprayer it came with put it on till it started to streak then used a bit less I put in on like wax if it streaked then just buffed it a bit Very mirror like finish with more gloss then any optimum product I have used Wax waited about one and a half hours there was dust on the car so I used some onr in ik sprayer on car then dryed and waxed one panal at time . Got a little more of a wet look that a like very happy with results This car is weekly washed so was pretty clean so I did not let the products sit on car to long pluse I was in the sun but not hot 18 c i was wrong I could see alot of dirt come off with the powerclean . The only screw up was my headlights got fogged up pretty good I guess from the power clean mdr or some ferex that i did not rinse off . Tried strait power clean no luck so i will get the polisher out and some optimum polish may be even compound . Any suggestions welcome.
  15. I always rinse the car with hose before i do any thing . Onr is not waterless wash as far as I know my car is gloss coated and optimum wax and opti seal 80 % of the dirt comes of with the hose then soak car with onr with ik or weed sprayer then onr wash . I also like to use foam on the realy dirty parts as well. Coming back from fishing once the car was realy a mess I rinsed the car sprayed the hole car with onr and then put optimum soap on top with foam cannon and then washed with several mitts soaked in onr it kills the foam a bit but wow its very slippery soulution .