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  1. Habs

    Add MDR to ONR Solution

    I never realy get water spots maybe because my car is gloss coated with a couple of coats of opti seal and don't realy no how many coats of onr with wax and spray wax any water just falls of the car But I like the idea of removing salt in the winter i believe that we are supposed to put onr on the car and then mdr on top and agitate what's the difference if you mix it
  2. Habs

    Add MDR to ONR Solution

    Makes sense thanks I put a little warm water with it to do my windshield to make it a little more easer to spread worked great
  3. Habs

    Add MDR to ONR Solution

    Good question I would like to see answer my self I think it would be better with the soap and then remove all with water then onr?
  4. Habs


    Running out of things to clean on my element (ellie ) so was thinking of striping every thing off right down to gloss coat and start again there is optimum wax and optiseal on top of the gloss coat if I use power clean 3/1 mdr ferex Will i harm my gloss coat
  5. Habs


    Thanks ron I think next time I will use opti lens protection if I srew up the film then iam stuck
  6. Habs


    Not sure what ppf is had a small amount of gloss coat so I thought I would use it should provide some protection
  7. Habs

    optimum tire gel

    🤔Looks like there's two in the crowd will have to find that tire
  8. Habs

    optimum tire gel

    got the snows off so i gave them a good clean before i put them away ferex, the rim power clean the tires 50/50 with water then optimum tire gel 80 /20 tire gel to water with a spray bottle, used griots applicator and small paint brush both sides of tires rims dont have much of a shine to them lol. last year i was going to use gloss coat on them so i ferex them and power cleaned them then a little opti polish now i have a very cool looking flat finish lol i can live with it my friend said he like the contrast ya i did that way
  9. Habs


    Honda element gloss coat waiting to put wax on I think the paint prep is your best product It makes it so easy the gloss coat just flows on did not get any really high spots used the glove and shop towel method I did take 5 hours of prep work though lol Very happy thanks every body for answering all my questions on this form
  10. Habs

    Well good evening . . .

    welcome i started with optimum 3 years ago and love it the polishing is easy with optimum spray compound and polish at slow speeds this is what gets amazing results take your time you dont need a expensive machine. having experience with power tools helped me and this form. the gloss coat is amazing it helps keep the car clean and get there onr on the car . good luck and have fun
  11. gloss coat and optimum wax optimum glass cleaner
  12. gloss coat and optimum wax
  13. Habs

    Super Detail

    nice work just cant beat gloss coat
  14. Habs


    headlight polishing was cold out 7 c for gloss coat about 4cfor optiseal i put the lights on to warm up the lenses a bit next day seamed good
  15. Habs


    optimum carpet and fabric cleaner the back of seat is done now the seat