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    MDR + Ferrex Synergy?

    Optimum products are already full of synergy with other products making the detailing process faster and easier. I was wondering if MDR could be mixed with FerreX? Suppose I was doing a complete wash, decon, paint correction, and coating job to the entire exterior. I want to remove mineral deposits, bonded contaminants, and ferrous iron particles. So, couldn't I mix MDR and FerreX to knock out two birds with one stone? Also, I think it could be taken a step further since both MDR and FerreX have a good amount of lubrication and noting that I would be polishing afterwards, couldn't I spray on a mixture of MDR and FerreX and while it's on the paint use it as a lubricant to clay? This would effectively remove three types of contaminants and reduce the decontamination process to a single step.