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  1. dimsumk

    ONR Wash and Shine

    Does ONRWS contain any wax properties that may reduce the hydrophobic of a nano coating?
  2. dimsumk

    Big Red Sponge

    I'll take this approach, as I use to use MF towels as a wash and waffle weave drying medium before trying out the BRS. I wasn't too sold on the BRS as well, but wanted to give a try as it would reduce the MF towel amount and the BRS is highly spoken by The Rag Company and Yvan himself.
  3. dimsumk

    Big Red Sponge

    Thanks Ron. The advice is greatly appreciated from all members on the board.
  4. dimsumk

    Big Red Sponge

    Thanks for the insight Setec. My first day with the BRS, I was using both the front and back of the BRS to ensure I get a clean panel without dirt, to my surprise.. dirt was still being picked up on the drying towel. I will also attempt to use the sides of the BRS as well as a final pass which should clear up my problem or use a couple MF towels.
  5. dimsumk

    Big Red Sponge

    During my first test, it was without a grit guard. I will try again with the grit guard. The car was rinsed first with water than applied with a pre-soak of ONR before running the sponge on the panels. Car was not overly dirty.
  6. dimsumk

    Big Red Sponge

    I'm a big fan of Optimum Products. It simply just works and trust the science. After watching some internet reviews, I decided to buy the big red sponge as a method to reduce the microfiber towels I have to use and speed up the washing process. I've presoak the panel with ONR W&S first and then run the sponge across the panels. In my findings, even doing the panel with many additional passes, I'm still seeing dirt being picked up by the waffle weave while drying. Is anyone experiencing the same symptoms or am I doing something wrong?