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    New Here - But a Bit Bemused

    Hello David, I'm pleased to report that I have received a parcel from the Netherlands today containing samples to cover a couple or three future detailing days. Even though people still struggle with the waterless / rinseless wash aspects, the lubrication, clear work-area vision and cleaning power of ONR with a clay cloth leaves a jaw-dropping smoothness, so my being able to distribute these helps me enormously. Thank you very much Regards, Steve
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    New Here - But a Bit Bemused

    Hello Ron, At last, I feel that I'm making progress. Thanks. Quite why the EU distributor was unaware, I have no idea. If there's someone with some clout reading this, then my next detailing day is on Saturday 22nd April which I'm aware is interrupted by Easter, but my faith would be proper restored if I could issue samples on that day. Is anyone up for that challenge? After that, I hold another in late September or early October, weather dependent. When I've discussed this samples issue with UK suppliers none of them have mentioned their availability, so it's a relief to know they exist. I'd easily dispose of 40 a year, all to good homes... Regards, Steve
  3. Hello Folks, I have been an enthusiastic user of OPT products for the best part of 8 years. Indeed, I'm the author of a fairly definitive guide about ONR that's published on three or four different Forums in the UK. The main one is on Detailing World which has had over 130 thousand views and I'm aware of links to that thread from several Forums outside the UK that have English speaking sections. There are many other threads where I have written guidance pieces, mostly about ONR, so my credentials are well proven. There's no question that over this time I have been an influence in many new purchases. Twice a year I hold local detailing days, fairly intimate affairs with between 10 and 15 attendees. The very first product that's demonstrated is, you guessed it, ONR. Always, but always, the demo impresses and visitors are very willing to accept the little 50 or 60ml (approx 2oz) sample bottles I have provided, at my own cost. Finding the little bottles cheaply is bad enough, but then filling them is not a cheap exercise! Overall, they worked out at about $2 each. Over the years I've given away several pints which for a disabled pensioner is getting a bit much. I have now stopped the practice. Ahead of one of my Detailing Days a while back, I wrote to your main email address, explaining more or less what I've said so far, as I correctly believe that OPT should shoulder some if not all of this cost. It is in your interests, after all. I was totally astonished by what happened next. With nary a thank you nor acknowledgement, my note is passed to a distributor in the Netherlands, to whom my email was clearly NOT addressed! His response, some while _after_ my detailing day was to offer me 10 off 8oz bottles for the princely sum of 7 euros each, oh, and that didn't include 17 euros of postage! I buy ONR by the gallon and the idea of me giving away 8oz bottles as samples completely and utterly defeats the object of my email. The pro-rata rate of 80ozs compared to a gallon container don't begin to compare. Why would I increase my costs in such an unrealistic way when I'm trying to cut down? So, I have a few questions. To begin with, why aren't there some sample bottles available? I doubt very much that I'm the only person in the World who does demonstrations to an often disbelieving public, even all these years later. Next, is it right that I bear the costs in this way, and last are people in the USA so rude that my email did not even warrant an acknowledgement from the people to whom it was properly addressed? I recognise a few names on this Forum who will bear out the claims I've made in my opening paragraph. I would imagine that they will be equally astonished at what has happened since. It looks like there is a delivery crisis in the UK as it is, with several well-known suppliers showing no stock. Could this also be caused by this guy in the Netherlands? If so, it won't take long for him to destroy OPT's reputation here. I really don't want to be nodding my head in agreement when all that I read is complaint after complaint! That can't happen from one of your biggest individual promoters, can it? Regards, Steve