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    Mixing ONR + OCW

    Hi Ron. Thanks for the welcome! I have no doubt ONRWW is superior to simply mixing the two. I'm sure you guys put a lot of work into developing it. I'd just like to try mixing myself since I still have a lot of product left. I usually wash two cars every Tuesday. I'm going to mix ONR and OCW for one car and do a traditional two step wash and wax on the other one. Is there more to the story...?
  2. Hi. Ive been using ONRWS and OCW for over 5 years now. I have about half a gallon each of ONRWS and OCW. I'd like to mix some OCW into my ONR wash. Ive read older posts here to use about 1oz/2gal along with mixed reviews about it being a waste of wax etc. Would this be comparable to ONRWW? I'm sure this method is obsolete now that the WW products exists. Id like to switch To ONRWW once I finish the Optimum products i have now.