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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and the advice. Went ahead and pulled the trigger...ordered myself a new bottle of ONR and a bottle of Poli-Seal. The weather here in Metro Detroit is supposed to be decent this weekend so it looks like my Saturday is planned out. Should have mentioned in my original post that car is brand new (less than a week old) so the interior isn't trashed. Just splotchy from whatever the prep guys used to clean it. Planning to use ONR to give it a wipe down. Still not sure which way to go as far as interior protectant. Been watching (lots) of videos to decided which "look" I like. Will let you know my thoughts on the Poli-Seal later on.
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    New guy here

    Hi everyone. Been checking out this forum for a little while now and finally decided to dive in. I've accumulated various detailing products from various brands over the last couple of years. Some have been OK, some have been a let down. But the one that I keep going back to consistently is ONR. It flat out just works without the hyperbole you get from a lot of other brands. So I'm cleaning out the closet and making the switch to mainly Optimum products. Which brings me to a few questions... 1. Planning to purchase either GPS or Poli-Seal. I do have a Porter Cable DA but prefer to work by hand most of the time (it is my zen time). Would Poli-Seal be the better option? 2. How frequently could I use GPS or Poli-Seal without damaging my clear coat? Meaning, could I work either of them by hand say, 3-4 times per year without causing damage? 3. Interior...which Optimum product would you recommend as a protectant for the dash/doors/center counsel/etc that has the most matte or factory appearance? Can't stand the greasy look. Thanks much. Looking forward to contributing more frequently.