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  1. Optimum Glass Coat Troubles

    Hi guys, is it possible to do a few layers especially for the windshield which gets the most abuse.
  2. Opti-Seal Q&A

    Thank you for that great video. I can clearly see the line that separates the 2 sealants. It is obvious that the dedicated window sealant works better but This proves OS can work as well. It is good for people who does not want to buy too many products.
  3. Opti-Seal Q&A

    Thank you guys for that clarification.
  4. Opti-Seal Q&A

    Hi Ron, You said OS can be used on glass. Can you put it on the windshield ?
  5. Decon wash

    Thanks a bunch Ron and 'The Guz'. Were the guys talking about you 'The Guz' in the podcast? Anyway to me, you are 'The Man'. You have answered all my doubts in 1 reply. Great touch with the link to the podcast as well. Thats what I love about this forum. We are 1 big happy family.
  6. Decon wash

    Sorry guys, another question, can OPC be used in headlights and rear lights.
  7. Decon wash

    Hi Ron, Thank you for that information. So what I will do is to spray OPC on the bottom half of the car then rinse out. After that I will apply ferrex to the whole car and rinse off. Should I use MDR on the whole car to make sure that all the oils and contamination especially some light water spots is gone?
  8. Decon wash

    Hi guys, Do not know what happened yesterday but the forum was down on my end. I was experiencing withdrawal symptoms because I miss my optimum fix. Lol. Glad u guys are back. back to my question. I was listening to the podcast today about decon wash fro Yvan. I have not done it but I think it's time. yvan says to use OPC on the bottom of the car and not on windows and top of the car. I have watched videos on guys putting OPC and car soap in a foam lance and foam the whole car. i would like to spray the whole car including windows to clean the road film. The top of my car I can feel a bit of contamination as well. happy that u guys came back
  9. Paint protection

    Hi guys I have another question. is there a better way to protect the wheel rims from break dust. I am planning to coat the rim face and inner rim well with opti seal. Can I use the same technique as the next time I wash the wheels, I can use the opti wax to top up.
  10. Paint protection

    Thanks Ron and Lowe for the advice. I am slowly doing my research and will definitely have more questions moving forward. This is actually my first forum and the experience so far has taught me that this community is very passionate about the product. Please keep up the good work and hopefully with more experience I will be able to contribute as well.
  11. Paint protection

    Will do. Thanks for the advise.
  12. Paint protection

    I understand where you are coming from. Well as a weekend detailer, I cannot justify a DA at the moment. Especially now with optimum products, I do not forsee any need unless the paint is in a very bad shape.
  13. Paint protection

    Thank you Ron.
  14. Paint protection

    I have read this forum and I know this question has been asked a lot. Where I am from, we do not get poliseal in Singapore. All we have is GPS. I just bought a 9 years old Honda City. I am using it as a daily driver and parked outside 24/7. PThe paint in general is very good but only a minor scratch here and there. Also I can see a lot of water marks on the windscreen and back window at the edges of the rubber seal. i will not own a DA anytime soon as my life partner has told me that I am spending way too much time with the car. I am planning to use GPS by hand. If I rub hard and long till it becomes clear on the paint, will it work as a polish. Also can I use GPS as a polish on glass.
  15. Engine Bay Detail

    Thank you for clarifying.