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    What foam pad to use with GPS

    Thank you. Great advice. I know it's a total newbie question but I figured better safe to ask those more experienced! Thanx again
  2. Hi everyone. I'm a total newbie with a Da polisher ( griots 6 inch). I plan on using Gps and topping it with opti-seal on a 2017 Subaru wrx ! I have lc white and black pads. Would white pad finish ok? The paint is very soft. I appreciate any help .
  3. Hi everyone my name is Marcelo. I'm from central NJ ! I have always been a car guy but never was much into detailing I spent more time under the hood lol. In the last year I have really gotten into learning proper car care ( detailing) , so in this journey I have been experimenting with lots of different products and find myself using mostly Optimum products ( OCW-ONR-OID and just ordered GPS and Opti seal). So I figured I should join the OPT forum as I would like to learn more !