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  1. Of course I know "it's not nessesary" is the usual answer to these types of questions, but is there any benefit to double or triple coating gloss coat? I've noticed some detailers offering this service. I'm guessing increased durability is unlikely, but is there a difference in appearance?
  2. ErnieMccracken

    2010 Camaro Coated with Gloss Coat

    I haven't had issues, but is there any kind of basic test we can perform that would indicate a panel is completely bare and ready for coating?
  3. I squirreled a tube of OC 2.0 years ago for my personal vehicle since opticoat is no longer (to me). I had a helper use just a tiny bit of it to coat a new wheel, but the rest was mine! No touching! ... he didn't put the cap back on and the entire thing has been gelled up for months now. I had no idea until I pulled it back out of storage today. I was so excited, and then, ugh. I assume there's no way to reformulate this back into usable product or any way to make use of this?