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  1. Well I was definitely taken care of. Everything looks really really good in my opinion. They said they would make it right and did, probably shouldn't have second guessed that! Props to the shop!
  2. An email and voicemail were left, looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks!
  3. Hey all! I had my 2016 Black Nissan Maxima applied with Opti-Coat Pro about 2 weeks ago. Everything looked great at first as I picked it up on on a cloudy day. The shine was great, but then the next day in the sun I noticed there were plenty of swirls and maring. Having paid $1,000 for this I was pretty bummed out because I had really high expectations. I got in contact with the shop owner (really great guy) and asked about this and was told to let it cure because it might come out a bit. I waited about 5 days and then I spoke to him in person. He explained that it looked like to him that when they buffed the Opti-Coat Pro to level it out, it caught some of the microfiber residue and created some swirls. I'm not an expert by ANY means but to me it looks like the original paint correction wasn't done properly? In the sun there's a lot of swirling in my opinion, but I'll leave it up to you guys to tell me if I'm crazy or not. Another thing I noticed is that when I did a quick detail, I noticed scratching when I put a tiny bit of pressure on the microfiber towel. I know the goal is to put no pressure at all, but it makes me wonder why it'sscratching so easily? A week from today I have an appointment with the company. I was told that by doing a light buff they should be able to remove the swirling. Any Opti-Coat that is removed will be re-applied. Please include any comments, opinions, or concerns. Thanks! Hood Front Door Back Door Roof Being Picky?