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  1. I did both and i started blaming the product. Sorry...
  2. I think i read somewhere in autogeek that a user worked poli-seal until clear and he got great results. That was what i was trying to mimic. how big is a “dab” for you? thinking about it, wife buys a lot but it’s always “for the baby” lol thanks!!!
  3. Not this coming weekend, but i’ll try Yvan’s pointers. I’ll probably hold off in buying GPS. Wife is already giving me the “eye” with my current stash lol thanks again!
  4. First off, I can’t believe that the founder of OPT (Dr. G) and the man who converted me to rinseless washing thru his YouTube videos (Yvan) took the time to answer my rookie question. Much appreciated! - heat from the tool = not applicable because i only use my hands - pressure = i put some pressure when i applied by hand. I thought that would be more effective. Probably around 20lbs of pressure - overworking = guilty. I thought i should work poli-seal until it “disappears” - product overuse = guilty. In my efforts to make poli-seal “smoother” when applying, i added more and more product - pad full of residual polish = guilty. I did not clean my applicators until i was done. But i used 3 applicators for the whole vehicle What is your application method by hand? Spray into the MF towel then spread lightly? Or “scrub” the surface? Ron - thank you for your genuine efforts in trying to help me. Much appreciated. I work in customer service for a tech company so i know when someone is “just doing their job” VS really trying to help.
  5. Thanks Ron! Now you gonna make me buy more product! Lol is there a technique when using GPS by hand? Dont have a machine - old school and cheap...
  6. Thanks Ron. I will keep watching this thread. Appreciate your help. i live in a tropical climate but it was late afternoon when i applied poli-seal so i don’t think it’s the heat.
  7. Thanks Ron. I compared it to the blackfire one step. Maybe i had the wrong expectation; i was expecting poli-seal to be very easy to apply and remove. Like other OPT products in terms of ease of use. but is it normal that my applicator (i tried both foam and MF) are being stuck on the panel? I dropped one actually because my hand moved but the applicator did not...
  8. Hi folks - i just tried poli-seal by hand last weekend. I applied it by hand because: - my car is a daily driver - my aim is to clean and protect - i can live with my minor shiny swirls Mine is the new formula poli-seal. Why is it “grabby” when applying, and difficult to remove? What could i have done wrong?
  9. Thanks Ron! I have been a member for some time now but i am not too active.. sorry.. so can i expect that the trims will not have those white chalky residue? And glass will not be full of smears?
  10. Hello folks, i just bought poli-seal because i like to stay within the opt product line. I will be applying it by hand. My plan is to gently rub poli-seal until it becomes clear or dry. my question is, can i do the same method in glass and black trims?
  11. I will try this! i also have poli-seal (just arrived) that i plan to use quarterly to clean the paint basically. Don’t have a polisher (yet)
  12. Do you wash and dry (with drying aid) per panel? And you do this every week/wash?
  13. Good point. I use ocw once a month. I have a plan now in my head how to tackle this. by the way i dont use it as drying aid as i do rinseless all the time. Unless there is mud of course. thanks for all the replies!
  14. I agree. But how would i know i spread it thoroughly though...
  15. I cant imagine how to do the overlapping thing. So spray directly onto the panel (probably at the center of the panel) then spread using mf towel in a cross hatch pattern starting where i sprayed ocw..? Lol