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  1. NRWW and OCW

    Good point. It is not as expensive as some $250 waxes. Thanks!
  2. I realized that and i am sorry. I was finding more appropriate threads to my question so i asked it again.
  3. NRWW and OCW

    Thanks The Guz! That is actually what brought me to the Optimum line. i am just being cheap so i want to know if the wax on onrww would be enough protection.
  4. NRWW and OCW

    That's the plan! Like giving a back rub to a newborn baby.
  5. NRWW and OCW

    Thanks Ron! I am about to place an order at autogeek. My car has never been clayed for 2 years. So my plan is to use onrww as clay lube with optimum clay towel. Then weekly washing with onrww.
  6. Mixing ONR + OCW

    So if i use onrww every week, i do not need to use ocw anymore..?
  7. NRWW and OCW

    I have the same question in mind: if i use onrww every week, will that be enough NOT to wax again..?
  8. If i use onr wash and wax (green) every week, can i completely forego waxing? product details of onrww says the wax in it provides weeks of protection. thanks!