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  1. It's been a few years since I used OID. Used as a drying aid does it leave surface slick?
  2. TUDM

    Spray on wet car

    I purchased opti seal back in 2010 I don't remember anything about it being able to be applied wet back then?
  3. TUDM

    Spray on wet car

    Since it goes on so easily and quickly how well does it protect?
  4. TUDM

    Spray on wet car

    After a traditional car wash I can just spray one spray of OS per pannel and dry? Does this leave residue on MF drying towels? How often shiuld it be used as a drying aid every wash or every couple months? Thanks
  5. No Soap, I own a Metro master blaster.
  6. I still prefer a conventional wash but I cannot wash my car in my current community. I still cannot get myself to do a ONR wash without first rinsing. I grab my hose and quickly rinse car pull my car into garage and do a ONR wash. My question is I own an air dryer can I do a ONR wash and use my air dryer to get the ONR wash off vs drying. I like to touch the paint as least possible?
  7. Thanks again Ron, Can you use opti clean as a weekly wash (1x a week)? I know there are many factors but for a daily driver garaged every night do you think I can wash my car once a week going to local coin op and rinsing with a power washer then spraying opti clean and wiping with MF towels to finish cleaning the caronce a week?
  8. Does it help to add ONR to soap bucket when doing a convential wash with OCWC? I though I read somewhere not to do this as it eliminates soap suds?
  9. My conventional wash process now that I discovered Optimum products: I use a coin op which has compressed air to dry. 1. Before initial pressure washer rinse I use a pump sprayer to pre soak the dry-dirty car with ONR. 2. Rinse with pressure washer. 3. Use a BRS with OCWC to wash using the two buckets with grid guards. 4. Final rinse with pressure washer. 5. Dry using compressed air. 6. Use a pluffle to pat dry any remaining water. Can I use another ONR pre soak before doing the wash pass for added lubrication? Looking to replace my drying towels with EDGELESS drying towels. Any thoughts I have only found CG edgeless drying towels? Thanks!
  10. TUDM


    Can I use the BRS in a traditional wash?
  11. Thanks again Bill, I am sure you know I am new to ONR and have been washing my cars the old fashioned way for about 24 years . I now live a condo where I have to do my washing inside my garage and I am having a hard time not doing a traditional wash.(feel that rinseless or waterless washing will lead to scratches, and swirls. I was thinking if I missed some dirt with BRS I could spray opti clean when drying to clean anything I missed and to lubricate finish further for the pass with the drying towel. Also our new co do has new appliances and my wife says no washing car towels full of chemicals in our brand new washer! I wash my MF towels in a bucket but feel this doesn't clean them well not to mention quite a bit of extra work which to be hones I don't have time for. Thanks
  12. TUDM

    How dirty

    How to determine if a car is too dirty to use opti clean?
  13. I am new to ONR and was wondering to protect the finish can I use Opti clean as a drying aid to an ONR wash?
  14. It's probably unnecessary , can I use opti clean as a drying aid to an ONR wash?