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    New Optimum user questions

    Hi everyone, I recently came across the optimum product line and have some questions. To start i should add my car is coated with Ceramic Pro 9H, I would went with Opticoat if i would have known before but will on my next vehicle. -Since my car is coated I plan on using ONR as my main washing system. Does ONR leave any residue on the car that will affect the coatings hydrophobic ability? -I know ONR has multiple uses, Is there a dilution chart for all of the specific uses? Also the same for Power Clean? -I have seen the new Opticoat maintenance products that are specifically made to work with Opticoat. What are the differences between the Opticoat No Rinse, M Wash and Opticoat Tire Gel vs the original Optimum products? Will these give me any added benefit when used on my Ceramic Pro coating? -Does Opticoat No Rinse leave anything on the paint once dried off? Thanks in advance, I found Optimum through Matt at Obsessed Garage, The Optimum podcast and Detalks with Levi from the Rag Company. I am intrigued by Optimum and look forward to learning more.