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  1. Hello i had opticoat put on my 2013 Tacoma in 2015 if I remember correctly. If it wasn't 2015, it was definitely 2014. The detailed that did it did do a great job on my truck, but he's gone out of business and there's no place in my area that works with this now. I also can't afford to bring it in yearly for the cost that at least that detailer gave me for the standard "cleaning". I live in the U.S, up in New Hampshire, so I wash my car using the 2 bucket no rinse method as much as I can, in the winter I end up either going to the car wash and sometimes use a self service bay if I can and do it that way, with the 2 buckets, or I go through the wash if it's snowing, etc. how do I know when I need to get the opticoat redone or what should I do at this point to protect my truck? It usually looks pretty good if I use the no rinse wash, but should I be using the no rinse wash/wax instead? What's the suggestion on which to use and how often? Should I look into putting a wax over this that I can do myself? I can't afford to get the opticoat reapplied right now. I had asked the detailer what happens if my truck gets damaged and I have to get something fixed and they said I'd have to get the whole truck down again, but then I read that's not true, can someone advise? thanks! This is a great product!