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  1. Opti seal over wax ?

    I would like to reanimate this topic: Yesterday, I just applied Opti-Seal on a car paint, which I clay bared and IPA-cleaned before. Four questions: Can I layer Opti-Seal and will the gloss effect be enhanced? How many layers are recommended and what is the curing time? If the car is still somewhat wet, I can surely apply Opti-Seal, right? Can I use any Wax on Opti-Seal after one day of Opti-Seal application? What is better, a 2nd/3rd/4th layer of Opti-Seal or just a Wax layer on one layer Opti-Seal? Thanks in advance for your comments. BTW: Happy New Year!
  2. Hello from South Europe

    So, here it is, my first report. Gloss coat was applied between August 23rd to 25th this year. Since then, I washed the car three times with Optimum Wash and Wax (OWW). After the first application of OWW I had my first shocking moment: I have put the car under trees and some days later heavy rain has washed some stuff from the trees onto the car paint. The stuff dried and formed some film on the paint. Therefore, a few days later I decided to see if the beading is still the same. Surprisingly, the beading disappeared and I got really annoyed: “all the hard work is gone!” However, washing the car with some soap from the car wash station (this was done in a moment of pain, otherwise I would have used OWW) helped to remove the stuff from the paint and the beading came back, puh! The last time I washed the paint with OWW was about four weeks ago. Since then we only had more or less sunny weather, but large and wide building sites throw each day lot’s of dust and sand onto the car paint. Eventually, I cleaned the car only with a pressure washer. Yesterday, I used the pressure washer again to remove some dust and I thought to give my first report here on this site. What shall I say? After more than 2 months the beading is still there, and I think it is as it was on the first day in August. In comparison to the car waxes I used the years before, it is a very good result so far. The waxes already died 2 months after their application. Amazingly, the wheel rims, being prone to brake dust in my case, get much less dirty in comparison to the time before I applied gloss coat. Cleaning the wheels is much easier and leads still to the perfect gloss coat beading. Optimum (!), great work so far, let’s see what is coming the next 3 months. EDIT: thanks again to all of you for your kind replies!
  3. Hello from South Europe

    Sorry, me again (read also message from above, plz). What do you think about the 'CarPro Eraser'?
  4. Hello from South Europe

    Hi all. Soon, I will report on the long term quality of OGC. I have an urgent question: is there any replacement for the Optimum Paint Prep? The reason is that I cannot find it here in Europe. What would you suggest? Meguiars Deep Crystal Paint Cleaner may be? Thanks for some ideas. EDIT: Second question: Can I use Optimum Hyper Polish by hand, without a machine?
  5. Onr wash and wax dilution

    Thanks A&J. So, I will make a new solution with distilled or de-ionized water. I have two buckets, which you can close with a lid. No dust or even much oxygen can access the buckets. I bought them in Italy (7 liters, 4$ each) where they are normally used for food products like virgin olive oil. I guess that ONR WW is not aggressive attacking any plastic, right?
  6. Onr wash and wax dilution

    Dear all. I hope I can still post here ... . Q1: For how long can an ONR Wash and Wax 1:265 dilution be used? - I washed my car 10 days ago and I still have some ONR WW dilution + 2 microfibre towels inside it. Can I still use this dilution and microfibre towels or must I prepare a new dilution and clean the towels? Thanks for some comments. EDIT: Ah, I found this here, so I can use it for some time, right?
  7. Hello from South Europe

    Thx, boiler. So far, here are the first impression after I have finished the car today: The beading is amazing, I think that it is somewhat influenced by the wax film I have put onto OGC. Anyway, only the wax would never produce such a nice beading. Let's see what happens in 3 weeks when the wax is almost gone. I did mistakes at the beginning: on the first day it was very hot and one has to wipe away any high spots almost immediately. The 80% rule does indeed count. This needs to be said more clearly in the instructions btw! - Anyway, the few spots I got due to a too long waiting are so far okay ... . One has to work with glows, otherwise: NO CHANCE! Yes, it is true that applying OGC is a quick process. However, what needs a very long time is the preparation of the car paint such that it is in its perfect RAW state. After all, one has to put the car into the sun because then all imperfections become immediately visible. Sometimes this is a PAIN because you see so many things! - well you all know this better than me. I'm working in research, particularly in surface science (ultra-high vacuum surface physics and chemistry) and I know procedures for preparing absolute clean surfaces. To be honest, OGC is best applied in a clean room. Working outside is less perfect and requires dust-free spaces, with shadows and no wind etc. I found one but it is not perfect like a clean room. Note that working in a garage or workshop is not always good since dust from walls etc. can be a huge problem ... well, also this is what you certainly know. So far ... I will comment the long term quality of OGC soon. Cheers.
  8. Hello from South Europe

    Thanks boiler. So, just to be precise enough, you mean 'you can spray water onto Gloss-Coat and dry (gentle) with a ... ' - gloss-coat is already on the paint of my car. Please, clarify, thx.
  9. Hello from South Europe

    Hi all. So far, things seem to work, more or less well. I will report later on, in a few days when the entire car is done. Question: Can I clean the parts that carry a 3 day old OGC protection with water only? And what about water from a pressure washer? In the latter case I would keep a distance of at least 30cm. Thanks for some comments.
  10. Hello from South Europe

    Don't forget, there is now wax on it. Well, it looks as expected, also right after the application of OGC. Let's see in a couple of weeks when the wax is gone. - Now, I will do the front part of the car ... probably until 22:00. Cheers.
  11. Hello from South Europe

    Thanks boiler and A&J. Today, I have done the roof and the back of my car. Total amount of time: 6 hours including the 1h during which I had to wait. The preparation took a very long time (claying + Meguairs Ultimate compound + IPA wipe down, all manually done). The OGC was very easy to apply and relatively quick. I could see the 'oil film' but it quickly flashed within a few seconds. I wiped the surface after 30 seconds. It's very hot today. The car was in the shadow. I have done the roof 2x because I had the feeling that I applied not enough OGC the very first time. After all work: Meguiars quick wax. Let's see. Cheers. PS: I go to bed now, need to recover ... .
  12. Hello from South Europe

    ... furthermore: Q2: Which towel shall be used to wipe the car paint after the application of OGC 3-5 minutes after?
  13. Hello from South Europe

    Thanks 'The Guz' and 'boiler'. I have a very urgent question: right after I have opened OGC, for how long can the syringe stay open? Thanks for a quick comment, cheers.
  14. Hello from South Europe

    Thanks boiler. So, the car paint of my car has some kind of residual wax from Meguiars (old, from last year) and some recent ONR-WW. What shall I do first with a panel? 1. Wash the entire panel 2. Clay bar the entire panel (I would use a very soft clay bar and water as a buffer) 3. Polish the entire panel (e.g., with Meguiars Ultimate Compound, I have not this Optimum polish thing so far) 4. Clean the entire panel with IPA, with utmost care 5. Apply OGC 6. 1h waiting 7. Put a spray wax onto OGC Would you principally agree? BTW: Would you prepare first the car paint with OGC before restoring the plastic parts or vice-versa? Thanks for some comments.
  15. Hello from South Europe

    Thanks The Guz. Q1: Okay, and if I don't have Opti-Seal at hand (would be a too long delivery for next week) I can use a wax, liquid or condensed, right? Q2: It is always said that an applicator pad covered with OGC can be cleaned in 'regular' ONR. I only have ONR Wash and Wax (ONR-WW), can I use this, too? Q3: Can I clean sponges and micro fibres both soaked in ONR WW in a washing machine, together with cloths? Or do you recommend to clean the stuff separately? Thanks again for all answers and sorry for being so 'annoying' with my questions ... .