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  1. caspat

    Gloss coat marking

    I understand that it this would have happened if i had a wax or sealant on the paint but it does not cost 300$!! I understand that my expectation was too high... but if it dont protect from scratching, from what it will protect my paint? Is it just a sort of wax that "should be ok for 1-2 year"? btw, thanks for your explanations!
  2. caspat

    Gloss coat marking

    Really! I'm really disapointed by this! This is a $ 300 bad invested! I better have put m'y money on a protective film instead! ☹️ They sale the product clamimimg it is nano-ceramic coating that will protect your paint!
  3. caspat

    Gloss coat marking

    Hi to all, I'm new to the forum and to the world of nano-ceramic coating. I bought a new car 1 mount ago, so i decided to go for a paint protection. I bring my car to a car detailer shop and they did gloss-coat coating and opti-seal. The car look very good! I did not wash the car for one week as told by the guy. I also buy ONR to wash the car with de two bucket method. 2 weeks after, i went on vacation so i put my thule rack on top to bring my bike. Been on vacation for a week, when i came back, remove the rack and see that it leave some marks on top. Never had this problem on my other car after one week! without coating. I though nano-ceramic coating was made to prevent this kind or marks or scuff? washing the car, i also find some scratchs behind the door handle, i dont think my nails is harder than ceramic! Do you think there is a problem with the product or maybe the way it was apply by the shop? Look at the pics you can even distinguish number that is grove onto foot pad of the rack. Sorry if i made english mistake! Thanks! Patrick