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  1. Hello, I would like to aply Optimum Opti-Glass Coating on my new car. Last week I already used opti-seal on my windows. Will I have to remove this prior to aply the glass-coat or can I just top it off? greetings Tom
  2. Hi, I'm Tom from Belgium and I'm starting my own detail business October 1st. I've been using OPT products for 5 years now for cleaning my own cars. SInce a few years I also detail other people's cars. I'm a real car guy, I enjoy oldtimers aswell as new cars. I currently have a Skoda Superb as a DD and a Ford courier Van for my business. I also used to own a 1971 oldsmobile coupe , due to not enough time I sold him 1.5 year ago (still miss him ...) That's all for now greetings from Belgium