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  1. 2017 Chevy Colorado Midnight Edition It was evening when I took these pics but it still looks like a mirror. This is right after washing it with Opti Coat NR and Opti Coat Hyper Seal both from the maintenance line. The tree reflection in the hood pic is in the front yard some 50 feet away. This stuff is amazing. It makes washing a vehicle fun.
  2. crazytruker

    Opti Coat Pro +

    I'm a car junkie like my father. I love vehicles. I'm not wealthy but I get that urge every few years to get a new vehicle. It's a disease lol. In September I bought a 2017 Chevy Colorado Midnight Edition. It's all black and the first black vehicle I have ever owned. That's because of the always being dirty look and care needed to keep it looking good. I work a lot with varying hours and start/end times so I just don't have the desire to spend half the day cleaning on a vehicle. I stumbled across Optimum and their products and coatings, did research and found a local authorized installer. It's because of your products that I decided to get the black color as it was the sharpest, best looking of them all. I had the Pro + put on my truck and it looks fantastic. But it goes further than the look. It's like having an invisible shield on your paint. And the products to clean/maintain it are amazing. I've been rinse-less cleaning my Harley for years without scratches. The products I've used aren't as good as the Optimum line either. I'm looking forward to many years of taking care of my vehicle myself instead of running through Richie's Car Wash idle - through - scratch-o-rama. I don't know how you guys do it but this stuff is amazing.
  3. I'm having my vehicle done with Opticoat Pro, maybe Pro Plus. The dealer said I'll be using mainly two products; Opti Coat No rinse and Hyper seal, both under the Opti-Coat Maintenance section of the website. I guess it's the new formulated stuff for maintaining coated vehicles. I believe I may do the one bucket method with the Opti-Coat NR and toss the towel aside once dirty and continue with a fresh clean one. Followed by Hyper seal as a drying aid. Can the new formula; Opti-Coat NR be diluted to use as a prespray to the paint surface, much like Optimum NR, before hitting it with the washing media and OC-NR /H2O mixture ; or would I want to use a different product for a prespray? I'm trying to add as much encapsulation and protection as possible without going nuts and calling Fort Knox for product expense.
  4. crazytruker

    Colorado checking in

    Hello, New guy here. I just found out about Opti Pro and Pro plus coatings a week ago. I bought a new Chevy Colorado black in color. It's my first black colored vehicle, purposely my first after all these years of owning vehicles,because of the cleaning needs and swirls/scratches that show on black. But the Midnight edition, which it is, was too sweet to pass up. Therefore I'm here to learn and ask questions, etc... I have it scheduled with a local authorized Opti Coat dealer. I decided on Pro but I may go Pro plus. I'll have to let him know in about a week for sure if I want the plus. I'm actually looking forward to getting it done and beginning a modern way of vehicle care. Cheers