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  1. Greg


    Here is a pic of the tire IMG_0494.HEIC
  2. Greg


    Quick question : I went through the steps to apply the Tire dressing: Opticlean, etc. dried towel with rag and air blower. Applied the dressing, waited an hr, and did a second coat. The result was not what I expected. Hardly any shine. Very dull looking tires. I know the tires were cleaned. Perhaps they weren't completely dry and I put too much dressing on?? Not sure. I would like to remove the dressing and start all over. Should I use the Optimum tar remover and then start with Power clean, etc? Any thoughts on why this didn't take the first time, and any precautions for re-applying, etc. Thanks so much Greg
  3. Greg

    Figuring out Opti-coat Maintenance

    Got It. I was using pre-rinse and pre-spray interchangeably. Thanks again! One last question. I see that Opti-coat store has additional products that I assume work better with cars that have been coated with Oti-coat pro, etc. For example, the Opti-Coat No rinse . Will the ONR Wash and Shine that I have still be as effective on my car that has been coated or should I be using the Optical-coat No rinse? I guess the broader question is, what products work best with cars that have been ceramic coated? Sorry, but with all these products and stores it is very confusing. Just don't want to mess up my new detail, and do the right maintenance wash going forward. Thanks for your help! Greg
  4. Greg

    Figuring out Opti-coat Maintenance

    Ron: Sorry, I not sure of your response. Is the pre-spray/instant detailer you refer to during the initial pre-rinse the ONR wash and shine or some other product? I get the ONR is not the best drying aid. I will use one of the other three products you mentioned. Thanks Greg
  5. Greg

    Figuring out Opti-coat Maintenance

    Greetings: I just had my new 2018 Murano detailed with Opti coat pro and Opti seal. Looking forward to maintenance going into the fall and winter months in New England weather! Thinking of using ONR wash and shine as a pre rinse, by spraying each panel as I go along. First question, is this step needed? On a really dirty car ( salt, etc) I am planning to bring to car wash and use their bay and power washer . What is the dilution ratio for ONR when used as a pre rinse before using the big red sponge with a bucket of ONR 256-1? Thanks. Also, how about as a drying aid? Same dilution ratio as above? Greg