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  1. This was my first shot at a coating so thankfully I only tested OGC on part of my car, but I have high spots that seem to have cured onto the paint. I applied OGC on my hood and front fenders, waited a couple minutes and came back to knock down the high spots. I thought I got them all, but a few hours later I saw some high spots, and all the rubbing in the world would not remove them. What are my options now? Do I polish and start all over? Is there some sort of secret Optimum hacks I could try?
  2. What is the shelf life of diluted batch of ONRWS in a spray bottle or pressurized sprayer? Just wondering, because I keep of wash dilution ONRWS in perssurized sprayer. After maybe a month I notice that the color of the liquid changes from blue to a cloudy white. It doesn't smell rancid, but it doesn't smell like blueberries anymore. Is this just a cosmetic change and the product is still effective?