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  1. UV protection?

    I have looked everywhere for that information, and I've never seen UV protection specifically mentioned. So I'm assuming that they do not have UV protection. The products do mention that they offer "protection" but dont really mention protection from anything in particular. It kind of leaves it up to your imagination.
  2. This was my first shot at a coating so thankfully I only tested OGC on part of my car, but I have high spots that seem to have cured onto the paint. I applied OGC on my hood and front fenders, waited a couple minutes and came back to knock down the high spots. I thought I got them all, but a few hours later I saw some high spots, and all the rubbing in the world would not remove them. What are my options now? Do I polish and start all over? Is there some sort of secret Optimum hacks I could try?
  3. What is the shelf life of diluted batch of ONRWS in a spray bottle or pressurized sprayer? Just wondering, because I keep of wash dilution ONRWS in perssurized sprayer. After maybe a month I notice that the color of the liquid changes from blue to a cloudy white. It doesn't smell rancid, but it doesn't smell like blueberries anymore. Is this just a cosmetic change and the product is still effective?