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  1. Rwlucas85

    Power Clean on Wheels with Gloss-Coat

    Coatings, by nature of its material, are highly chemical resistant. Something like PC is not going to do much, if anything, to a properly cured coating. You will do more damage physically scrubbing and abrading the coating than the chemical itself will. I have had Gloss Coat on my wheels for almost a year. Foam them with 10:1 PC. Let it sit a bit. Wipe them with a towel soaked in ONR. Dry and done.
  2. ONR should be good for interior cleaning on a weekly basis. I will use Opti-clean if there is something a bit more stubborn, but ONR will probably be your go-to for maintenance care.
  3. Has anyone else had problems with the sprayers on the optimum bottles coming slightly unscrewed, just enough to leak product. I've lost a bottle of ID&GE and a bottle of OOC to my wife's trunk area with these sprayers.
  4. Rwlucas85

    Very unsatisfied with opti coat

    This may be a dumb question, but did they try MDR? Worked great on some water spots that showed up on my Gloss Coated vehicle.
  5. It seems that whole "avoid getting wax on the trim" thing is something that has been passed down through the years without taking into account technological advances. One of the reasons I like the Optimum line so much. Not nearly as much redundancy as many other brands, and it's designed with efficiency in mind.
  6. Rwlucas85

    I think I got some high spots

    On my midsized sedan, I used about 4mL for the paint. Another 4mL or so for all the glass and the wheels.
  7. Rwlucas85

    Daily Driver gets some shine

    I have to enjoy it while it lasts. The drivers here in Florida haven't ruined this car for me yet.
  8. Rwlucas85

    I think I got some high spots

    Sounds like the same thing I had when applying gloss coat. Was probably upper 80s, low 90s and very humid in my garage at the time. By the time I had covered the panel the start had flashed. I had a towel ready to level as soon as I finished applying. Trial and error seems to be the only way.
  9. Rwlucas85

    Daily Driver gets some shine

    My wife thinks I'm a bit obsessive, but had time to do a little wash last night on my car. ONR wash, Opti-Seal as a drying aid, ID&GE after (my drying towel left just a touch of lint). OPC to clean the tires, Ferrex took care of any brake dust. Just put one light application of Tire Shine on the tires to see what it looked like.
  10. Rwlucas85

    Daily Driver gets some shine

    Hyper polish is on the list of things to try but I figured I would use up the supplies taking space around the house already. I'm slowly in the process of switching over most of my chemicals to Optimum products just because they seem to work so easily.
  11. Rwlucas85

    Daily Driver gets some shine

    I actually had some Meguiars Ultimate Polish laying around at the time so used that. Worked great on my car, was pretty useless on my wife's. Go figure.
  12. Working as I can along with my regular job, I've made some progress on my new daily driver. ONR wash, clay, polish, paint prep, Gloss Coat on paint, wheels, glass, and Optimum Car Wax to top it off. Have Opti-seal coming in soon but it couldn't make it for this one. Used Powerclean for the tires but my order with Tire Shine has not arrived yet either.
  13. Rwlucas85

    First attempt at using Gloss Coat

    I was planning to do the wheels but had not because I wanted to make sure I would have enough for the paint first. Also had read that it wasn't suggested for glass so had not done that either. Will wash car later this week and go from there.
  14. I will be the first to admit this is by no means my profession, and I am far from knowledgeable about many of the intricacies of detailing. I am a chemical engineering supervisor by day, and attempting to keep the family cars clean and looking good is therapeutic for me after long days at work. I recently purchased a new car at the beginning of October and wanted to try a coating for the first time. I chose to stick with the recent theme of Optimum products and chose Gloss Coat. I had read nothing but good things and most said it was rather user friendly. I live in Florida and applied Gloss Coat to my car on Tuesday. Most videos that I had watched online allowed a few minutes of time for the product to flash before wiping away any excess or leveling high spots. I assume the conditions, (about 80 degrees outside and humid) which made it even warmer in the garage resulted in different behavior. By the time I finished a panel, the start of the panel had pretty much already flashed off. I only coated the paint and trim of my mid sized sedan, and I used what looks to be between 4 to 5 mL. The car stayed in the garage, untouched, until this afternoon. With the quick flashing time, I'm a bit unsure of whether I got full coverage or if I used enough product. Is there any way of determining that this coating application was done correctly or if I need to polish and reapply in some spots. Unfortunately my garage is not as well lit as I would like, so it's entirely possible that there are spots where not enough product was on the applicator or I wiped off too quickly based on my interpretation of the flashing time.
  15. Hello everyone, New around here now that I have made a switch over to Optimum products. I am currently living in Florida where it's nothing but hot and humid, all of the time. That is the main reason for switching to Optimum products and taking advantage of being able to clean the family vehicles in the garage. I have a "regular" job so this is just a hobby for me, but it fuels my OCD tendencies in a more constructive way than other options.