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  1. Tom

    ONR Drying

    So I tried multiple passes and it works a lot better. Problem is most of the videos on YouTube are done with cars that barely look like they need clean. And not many people seem to be willing to show their drying towel. I think the key is pre rinse with power washer, pre soak with ONR then hit the panel 1-2 times.
  2. Tom

    ONR Drying

    Thanks. That’s what I was thinking. There is no way either sponge is going to pick up all of the encapsulated dirt as there will always be some left on the car.
  3. Tom

    Opti Coat No Rinse

    Are you sure. I think that is only for the ONR which is a 32oz bottle. It doesn’t look like 15cc.
  4. How many caps of the Opti Coat No Rinse (16oz yellow) per gallon of water?
  5. Tom

    ONR Drying

    Big Gold Sponge. Pre-rinsed the car with a hose. It wasn’t all that dirty either. Just basic stuff from driving around in the rain. Used 1 bucket method with grit guard.
  6. Ok. So used Opti Coat No Rinse and drying towels were dirty. Am I doing something wrong ???? None of the videos I’ve seen on YouTube show a dirty towel after drying.
  7. Tom

    Pre Soak

    It’s a better version of ONR
  8. Tom

    Pre Soak

    Optimum No Rinse (ONR) (blue) can be used on any car. Opti Coat No Rinse (yellow) is specifically designed to be use on cars coated with OptiCoat Pro ceramic coating. It is also double the price of ONR. The Big Gold Sponge is like the BRS but is softer and more dense. They suggest the BGS with OptiCoat No Rinse and BRS with ONR.
  9. Tom

    Pre Soak

    Was wondering if I can use Optimum No Rinse Wash and Shine as a Presoak and then use OptiCoat No Rinsh for the actual wash? Optimimum no ronse is obviously cheaper and as a presoak you will go through a lot more product. Just a bit sure of you can mix the two. Thoughts??
  10. What is the dilution for Opti Coat No Rinse for 1) wash 2) pre-soak 3) quick detailor Is FerreX supposed to be sprayed on as a pre wash or wash and rinse? Is Opti Coat Power clean just used to re-soak heavy dirt and caked on bugs or as a detailor? Just not sure if it’s application.
  11. Tom

    Maintenance Products

    Ron. Which No Rinse and what dilution? Is either product safe on nav screen or instrument cluster?
  12. Have a Tesla Model S with Net Gen seats. Would like to know if I can use Opti Coat Opti Glass Clean and Protect on inside tinted windows as well as outside windows? Can I use Opti Coat Protectant Plus on the dash and seats without making them shiny and glossy? What can I use to clean the instrument cluster and main 17” computer screen?