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  1. I think I got some high spots

    Ron if the vehicle is brand new and no correction is needed/wanted. Can it just be cleaned with panel prep then coated? Skipping the polish? cheers
  2. I think I got some high spots

    That makes me feel abit better then
  3. Just came across this recent comment
  4. Hmm. I wonder if that testing is done now, seeing that is over 6 months old
  5. I think I got some high spots

    Thanks Ron. Yeah it’s been pretty warm here! ill be sure to take that approach next time, you learn from your mistakes that’s forsure. Also with how much product you use on a medium sized car? I used only around 4ml that wasn’t doing wheels? Just exterior panels. The supplier said I should aim to use the 10ml on a car that size. But I spoke to an Opti-Coat Pro installer and he said 3-5ml is fine. If you follow the instructions to the t there is no way in hell you can get close to using a full syringe
  6. Can hyper seal be added 1 hour after gloss coat to protect it like you can with opti seal? cheers
  7. Ok great thanks for that. I was leaning towards opti seal as it’s abit cheaper but if hyper is better I’ll get it
  8. Yeah easy to get here
  9. I think I got some high spots

    Thanks for the fast reply’s guys! I’ll give that a go Ron. Hopefully I get the car back to me Thursday night so I can fix it. Basically if the hotter it is the less of an area you do and wipe level quicker? you defiantly do learn from your mistakes. Also doesn’t help when you spend all day correcting the car by coating time your knackered. Deffiantly will be taking more time, not going to move on to the next panel till this one is 100% and I’ll try a few lighting solutions as I have floods and fluros so might turn the floods off see if that shows up more
  10. Hi all. I’m looking for a topper for my gloss coat. Which is best suited to this? Opti seal or hyper seal? cheers
  11. Hi all. Had my second go at gloss coat. First car went well no dramas. Second one not the case. It was a metallic black and in the shade I could notice oily streaks. Could not for the life of me see them in a well lighted shed or in the sun, wasn’t until the sun started to go down. Now after some research I think the cause was heat as it was 39 degrees c outside (102F) and I think it cured to quick, I wasn’t fast enough to level. What sort of precautions can you take when the temp is over 80F? As here in Australia that’s a lot of the time? can I just polish out the high spots, clean and re coat? Or do I need to polish the whole panel ? are black cars prone to seeing high spots easier? how can I make them more visible to me whilst applying? Eg a torch etc I have good lighting shows up the tiniest scratches with ease, but didn’t show up these high spots well all help and input greatly appreciated thank you