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  1. Thanks Ron! I'll keep an eye on it. I know gloss coat can be topped with a wax or sealant, but doesn't last long. If not optiseal, what product do you recommend that would yield the longest in longevity for added protection?
  2. New to the forum and optimum products in general. I recently applied gloss coat to my vehicle and followed up with optiseal giving only 15 minutes in between. I read a comment from a detailer's YouTube video that gloss coat can be followed up with optiseal immediately after, but have now found this forum and read that there should be at least 1 hour cure time. My question is how much did I affect the durability or strength of the coating by applying optiseal too soon? Do I need to reapply another coat? Another issue I had was condensation forming on panels after application of the gloss coat, due to being late in the day and higher humidity levels. I went over those areas too with optiseal after I had noticed. Would the condensation affect the coating's properties as well since they weren't protected in time?