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  1. dale.m

    Optimum Gloss-Coat

    Thanks for the info. I’ve already threw on optiseal after the first wash and will just stick to that to be safe, and gloss coat after PPF. On a side note, is power clean really needed to remove optiseal? I thought paint prep was good enough?
  2. dale.m

    Optimum Gloss-Coat

    Any issues with applying gloss coat to a car and then having Xpel paint protection film applied over it? Will it reduce adhesion on the PPF? I ask because I bought a new car but availability to get the film applied is a month out and wanted to coat the car in the meantime.
  3. dale.m

    Optimum Gloss-Coat

    Now if we layer glosscoat, would that multiply the micron measurement by two or be negligible? also, when it comes time to reapplication in a year or two, is polishing necessary if the finish still looks good?
  4. dale.m

    Optimum Gloss-Coat

    Not sure if it’s already answered but how thick is one layer of gloss coat measured in microns?
  5. dale.m

    Rubbing off gloss coat?

    Thanks Ron!
  6. dale.m

    Rubbing off gloss coat?

    I was applying a trim dressing on the weatherstripping and rubber of my vehicle and had excess product on the surrounding painted surfaces, which have all been gloss coated. The excess dressing/residue is paint safe but just needs to be wiped down after but it was a somewhat stubborn to remove and required some pressure on the towel. My question is, would the gloss coat be affected due to hard rubbing and towel friction? Would a recoat in those areas be needed and how would I be able to tell? Also a side question, does paint prep remove gloss coat or degrade it?
  7. Like the title states, is it worth it? I’m doing some maintenance and will remove the wheels but wondering if it will benefit, and if I don’t clean the barrels often like i do with the wheel face, if the brake dust and road grime just deteriorate the coating faster. Thoughts?
  8. dale.m

    Opti-clean on tires

    Is opti-clean strong enough to be used on tires or is power clean the way to go?
  9. dale.m

    Optimum Gloss-Coat

    Is gloss coat resistant to gasoline if spilled when fueling up?
  10. dale.m

    Glass Coating prep and application

    Thanks for the tips. How long does the glass coat need to cure so that I can drive the car in the rain? Should I layer with optiseal, or would the wipers just remove the layer?
  11. I know the instructions state to polish or use opti- eraser for prep, but will ONR and a clay bar/clay towel work followed by paint prep work as well? Also, do I need to mask off paint and trim in the surrounding areas to prevent overlap or can it just be wiped off during the leveling the glass?
  12. dale.m

    Dilution of paint prep

    These steps are done for a gloss coat application. I forgot to mention that in the original post.
  13. dale.m

    Dilution of paint prep

    Ron, if I'm claying and then hyper polishing the car, then following up with a damp towel of ONR to remove the polish residue, is paint prep still necessary?
  14. Can paint prep be diluted with water? I only have a number of ounces left in a spray bottle and trying to make it last for an entire vehicle.
  15. Thanks Ron! I'll keep an eye on it. I know gloss coat can be topped with a wax or sealant, but doesn't last long. If not optiseal, what product do you recommend that would yield the longest in longevity for added protection?