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  1. johnnyninja

    Protectant plus-How often and will ONR remove it?

    Thanks. Good idea.
  2. I’m wondering how often Protectant Plus needs to be used. Also, I typically wipe down the interior surfaces and seats with ONR. Would I need to re apply Protectant Plus after doing that?
  3. johnnyninja

    Water spots on interior plastic trim

    Ok. I’ll try power clean with a strong dilution and see what that does. Thanks.
  4. I performed my first interior detail using ONR and Protectant Plus. It came out great, but I noticed some water spots on the plastic door trim around the window controls on one of the doors. The car is only a month old so I figure it’s from some rain water that I never wiped up. Any ideas on how I can remove them or did the acid rain etch the plastic permanently?
  5. johnnyninja

    cleaning A pillar fabric

    Excellent. Thanks.
  6. johnnyninja

    cleaning A pillar fabric

    This is probably simple and basic but i’m concerned that I won’t clean this correctly and leave my new car with a visible blemish I’ll see every time a I get in it. There is a fairly large smudge (2x2) on the A pillar next to the inspection sticker that a I want to clean. It’s very light grey color material and I don’t want to change the look of the fabric after I clean it. I have ONR, OPC, and I just picked up some Optimum Carpet and Fabric cleaner. I was thinking of using one of these products with a soft brush to lightly clean the area and then wipe it off with a damp MF towel. I’m not sure which product would be best and at what dilution. I’m sure I overthinking it, but it’s such a visible area...
  7. Thanks again for the suggestions.
  8. I missed following up on my second question. Would you recommend Optimum Power Clean for light finger smudges on felt visors and headliners? Maybe a 5:1 ratio using a mf cloth?
  9. I have an Outback with the Eyesight system. The manual does not recommend any sort of protectant, especially anything that increases gloss, to be put on the dash. I plan on using OPP on the interior, but would there be a better solution for the dash? I’m probably being way over cautious...OCD is a bear to deal with Also, I assume that I could use OPP on a mf cloth to clean smudges on the visors and headliner vs Opti-Clean? Thanks
  10. johnnyninja

    New user trying to formulate a plan

    Thanks for the suggestions. I think I’ll use two methods depending on the situation. Rinseless using ONRWW and Power Clean or Opti-Clean as a pre soak if needed for bugs. For a waterless method, I’ll use Opti-Clean with the Optimum Car Wax or Opti-Seal as a drying agent and for extra protection. It took a few videos to wrap my head around how all the products work together. Thanks again.
  11. johnnyninja

    New user trying to formulate a plan

    Ok. Thanks. I’m in a condo so even though a one bucket wash would be fine, the perseption would be that I’m “washing my car”. Hence, the no buck method I’m trying to use. It looks like a cant get away with just one produce, so I’ll use one of the sealers, too.
  12. johnnyninja

    New user trying to formulate a plan

    Thanks for the replies. So will Opti-Clean also leave UV protection behind, or do I need to apply something else afterwards?
  13. I’ve found a lot of useful information on this forum, but I’ve also become a little confused as to what would be the best method for my needs. I’m getting a new car and plan on having it professionally detailed twice a year. I live in Mass so winters are always tough on a car, and I want to keep it in decent shape between details. I will be using the no bucket, spray on and wipe off method. I plan on using Protectant Plus on the interior surfaces and exterior plastic as needed. I was planning on using No Rince Wash And Wax for the exterior, but I’m wondering what the difference is between that and Opti-Clean? Is Opti-Clean more of a pre-wash? Thanks
  14. Thanks for the education guys. I’m happy to have found this forum!