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  1. So the past few days have really been a complete disappointment with opti coat. Let’s start from the beginning, I have a brand new 2017 camaro zl1 that had 1601 miles on it when I took it to be opti coated with the pro plus opti coat. When I first picked up the car, it looked amazing. Mikes prestiage detailing in Youngstown ohio did a wonderful job! They even took the time to show me exactly how opti coat recommends taking care of the car from now on. This coating was applied on the 7/27/17. I took my car back to mikes prestiage on Monday Jan. 29 as i have noticed some spotting on the finish. Mike took the car in and called me back a day later to let me know the spots we are seeing are water spots in the coating. I was completely shocked as the car has only been washed maybe 5-8 times since the coating was applied, it was cared for 110% to the way it was recommended to be cleaned and cared for and always garage kept. Needless to say to correct this the coating needs to be removed, then reapplied. Mike prestiage called opti coat and they are completely hiding behind the statements that the car was either improperly dried or left wet with tap water on it and therefore it is not covered under warranty! This car now has 2300 miles on it and it is 2/2/18. The coating is only 6months old and less then 699 miles on the coating, has always been well taken care of and ur telling me the water spots are a fault to tap water and drying improper! I followed the drying procedure opti coat recommended! Not only is opti coat not standing behind there product at all, there comments by representive Ivan at opti coat were that rain water would not damage the coating but tap water will. Are you seriously kidding me! This has to be the worst customer service i have seen in a long time, not to mention the fact opti coat completely makes excuses to not back up their product line is a complete disgrace! I will never recommended opti coat to anyone ever again and i will surely be uploading all of this story to social media for everyone to know exactly what to expect out of opti coat and their entire customer service representation. If i could i would of added the audio from the conversation i had with representative Ivan as proof of opti coat completely not backing their own product and hiding behind lame excuses of tap water and drying process so they don’t have to back their warranty, however this page wont let me upload the audio. I am very dissatisfied with opti coat completely! Opti coat pro plus was supposed to be backed by a 7 year warranty, which obviously is not the facts, more like out of sight out of mind warranty, the product didn’t even last half a year and now I’m left with the expense to pay for it!