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  1. I've uploaded three more videos to show my installer what I see everyday when I get to my car, since my installer doesn't have plans to come out and look in person. These swirls are pretty much visible with the naked eye and lights up in the sun. Driver Side Passenger Side Hood My installer says that when he gets a chance, he'll stop by for 5 to 10 minutes to take a look, but having to rebuff and recoat the entire car he is not going to do that. I'm in email contact with Dann and Mack to ask if there are other detailers who can do the warranty repair here in the San Francisco Bay Area since I would be worried to have the same guy who said he would not rebuff and recoat the car, actually be the person to rebuff and recoat the car (if that were the remedy). I hope this issue works out. Even though I don't have a showroom Ferrari, I'd still hate to see these unsightly swirling everyday when I go to my car. Frustrations and worries aside, I do want to ask about the rebuff and recoat. I chose to go OptiCoat Pro because it advertised itself as a coating with polymers that reactively bonded the resin to the clear coat of the paint. If the first application of OptiCoat (bonded to the clear coat) is abrasively polished off, what would the reapplication of OptiCoat Pro bond to? It's not like there are inches upon inches of clear coat, and the polymer probably won't bond to bare paint. Wouldn't the recoat just fall off without anything to bond to?
  2. The first thing I did when I saw these scratches last week was contact my installer. He said he would come and look at the vehicle he next time he is in my area. I haven't been able to fully schedule an appointment with him. But prior to the installer's visit, I wanted to better understand what I was looking at. If it were high spots of the OptiCoat that would wear away over time, I probably wouldn't have minded too much. Dann the regional manager for the West Coast has contacted me and I have given him the installer information. I'm glad Optimum has such an active and engaging customer relations folks. These scratches are indeed best visible under a certain angle and certain light -- in my case, with sunlight that is near to the horizon and not too glaringly bright. There was no wash or polish step, but yes, the paint prep was removed with a microfiber towel. Would removing paint prep with a dry microfiber tower have contributed to the paint damage? A&J, how were you able to reproduce seeing these scratches? I have some flashlights, but I haven't been able to consistently reproduce seeing these scratches as well as when under the sun. I'm just worried that the buffing would eat away at the already thin layer of clearcoat and paint. That's the whole reason why I wanted to add a layer of ceramic coating on top of the clear coat -- to minimize any scratches to the paint! I hope I don't end up regretting getting OptiCoat. I feel that if I had not gotten OptiCoat and just let the elements take it's toll on my paint, it would have taken years to get to the swirl marking state I am in now.
  3. Hi OptimumForums Community! I am a new member here since I just recently had OptiCoat Pro applied to my new 2018 Toyota SUV. I need some help interpreting what is going on with my new coating. I have a brand new 2018 Toyota SUV with OptiCoat Pro applied mid January by an authorized installer. I left the vehicle garaged for three weeks for the coating to fully cure. I drove the car to work last week for the first time since the coating and parked outside in the sun. In the morning sunlight, I saw a whole lot of swirl marks on the painted panels!! These swirls lit up like crazy and caught my eye and I wasn't even looking for it! Below are two videos I've taken to show the swirling I am looking at. The swirls are pretty much visible on every painted panel! Driver Door Rear Passenger Door The tricky part is, it is hard to spot the swirls when the sun is bright and overhead. I've even tried with a regular flashlight and couldn't reveal the marks very well. These marks are inherently visible to the naked eye when the sun is horizontal to the vehicle, during the softer glow of sunrise or sunset. I'm guessing that when the sun is overhead, it may be too bright or at a wrong angle to illuminate and reveal the marks. Now, I keep calling it "marks" because I'm hoping these are not paint or clear coat fine scratches, and are rather something more benign like OptiCoat streaking. That's why I'm reaching out the OptimumForum community to ask if anyone else has had this issue or can shed insight on what these marks may be. I've contacted the installer whom will come out to look at the vehicle the next time he is in my area. But I wanted to know if these marks mean he'd have to buff out the entire vehicle and reapply coating (which I'm sure he doesn't want to do, nor do I want to burn through my clear coat or paint. Please help. Thanks in advanced!