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  1. Thank you for the reply Ron. If the wiper "chatter," doesn't dissipate any suggestions on how to remedy? Richard
  2. Hello, This is my 3rd car with the Opticoat pro + which was recently applied. I wanted to get feedback on the timing of the curing. I am located in New England and temps are cold this time of year. The Opti-coat was applied this past Thursday and allowed to cure for about 15 hours prior to me picking up the car. Drove home and the car was garaged for the next 10 hours, the following day I drove the car for 125 miles during heavy rainstorms and cold temps. Any concern that would impact the durability or effectiveness of the Opti-Coat pro + with that short of a cure time. Additionally the windshield product seems to be causing a strange side effect. After several swipes of the windshield wiper blades during the rain cycle the blades seem to get bogged down just a bit and instead of smoothly moving left to right, they appear to jump just a little bit like the rubber from the blades can't move freely. I hit the windshield with windshield washer fluid and they move smoothly once again for about 10 swipes then I have to apply more windshield washer fluid. What could be going on here? Brand new car with new blades. No issue there. Thank you.