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  1. Ocw and Oid

    How long does opti seal take to cure ? Say if I used seal as a drying aid then used oid or optimum spray wax straight after ? Thanks
  2. Ocw and Oid

    Thanks a&j
  3. Ocw and Oid

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  4. Ocw and Oid

    Hi I’m from uk and first post on here. Been using optiseal as a drying aid for a good few months now but I’m wanting to try OCW as a drying aid to see what results I’ll get. I’m after more gloss and wet look. Been thinking to use ocw as a drying aid then after I’ve done the car I’ll go over it with the optimum instant detailer. Will this add more gloss using the oid over the ocw ? And is it ok to add the oid to the ocw straight after or do I need the ocw to cure ? Also is it safe to do this after every wash ? Thanks Gary