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  1. I buy the 12 pack of yellow foam applicators on eBay for a couple of bucks and use them a few times before throwing them out and going to a new one. Not great for the environment I know, but they are so cheap it's just so much easier. No matter how much I clean the tyres on my car my foam applicators still get gross in no time.
  2. Detailing Efficiency Experiments

    I think the ONR pre-spray is very important. I find it 'sticks' to the paint and helps break down what ever is on there before getting to the actual physical wash part. This is much more effective than simply using water to pre-wash the car as I find it just runs off and drys in no time, even in cold weather. This allows me to use slow, straight lines with the wash media without having to go back over sections multiple times as some of the work is already done just by having ONR sitting on the car. This will be near impossible on a warm day or in the sun as it will likely dry on the car. In the early days of my use of the product I actually scratched my car trying to get a stubborn bug off by scrubbing (even gently) with my wash mitt. This was obviously a very stupid thing to do because you will scratch your paint doing this no matter how you wash the car. Pre-soaking bugs and other similar things breaks them down just enough to come off in one pass by the time I get to washing. If they still don't come off I will soak them in Instant Detailer and Gloss Enhancer after drying the car and gently wipe them off with an ONR soaked towel. It's very rare that I need to do this these days. I am interested in the Chemical Guys sponge you use as I am still not completely sold on the multiple microfiber towel method as there is no real cushioning of it between your hand and the paint. The BRS is still not for sale in Australia for some reason.
  3. Hyper seal or opti seal on gloss coat?

    As someone who has yet to try Hyper Seal, that's really good to know. Optimum Car Wax and Opti-Seal are so good I'm struggling to move on to something else.
  4. Detailing Efficiency Experiments

    Hmmm that's odd. Your method is very similar to mine but takes 2+ hours. It might be a good idea to break down each section and see how long individual parts are taking to try and get the time down a bit. If I was to roughly guess mine it would be: Setup time - 10 minutes Wheel cleaning - 3-5 minutes per wheel ONR spray down - 5 minutes ONR wash - 15 minutes Dry + Opti-Seal or Car Wax as drying aid - 10 minutes Pack up - 5 minutes I don't believe switching products or drying aids will add any efficiency to your wash as they are very similar to what you use now. I switch up between Opti-Seal and Car Wax as a drying aid but they both take about the same amount of time. I'm yet to try the BRS as it isn't for sale in Australia, but I do like the idea of it as it is specifically designed for us with ONR. I'm generally in my garage out of the sun (usually at night lately) so I have never had issues with product drying on the surface. I would simply switch up my method and go panel by panel if this was an issue, but I think it would add time to my wash for sure. Maybe changing the time of day you do your wash might help as you won't be constantly chasing the product drying on the surface. I realise this isn't always possible, especially in summer where it is always hot (even at night here). I don't think there's anything wrong with taking 2 hours to wash a car as it is an enjoyable process and I find it very relaxing when I am doing it. I just also like improving my efficiency when doing it to keep it interesting. I did a write up recently here on my exact method and it is very similar to yours, but I have since improved things by using the IK Foam sprayer on wheels which was a huge improvement as they probably took me twice as long without it. I foam up the wheels and wheel wells, scrub away with various brushes and then simply rinse the whole area down after I am done with the ONR in a pressure sprayer. If improving efficiency is what you are after I do think breaking down each part and seeing exactly how long it takes you can expose areas that can be sped up. Nick
  5. Hyper seal or opti seal on gloss coat?

    Yes, that is overkill. Opti Seal is often used an hour after Gloss Coat to protect it while it cures. Hyper Seal is the better choice for a drying aid or 'maintenance' product due to it being formulated for use on coated cars. Neither product is really needed after Gloss Coat has cured, but Hyper Seal is the better choice. Using all three won't provide extra gloss.
  6. New OPT Deatiler in Wyoming

    Welcome! ONR is incredible and probably the most versatile detailing product ever created.
  7. Detailing Efficiency Experiments

    Actually sorry, I didn't realise you said you had the IK 9 until now. I only gave the 1.5 for now. Quality is excellent but the spray time is slightly disappointing.
  8. Optimum Glass Coat Troubles

    Sounds like they got careless with the install and touched the inside while coating the outside maybe? Polishing is probably your best bet if nothing else removes it.
  9. Detailing Efficiency Experiments

    That's a good idea. As much as I love the IK, I was a bit disappointed that it only really sprays properly for a few seconds. Wheels are not too bad but I would never use it on the paint (like The Rag Company does on YouTube). It would drive me crazy.
  10. Detailing Efficiency Experiments

    A 20-30 minute set up time would probably only be acceptable if you were going over the car prior to starting in my opinion. This is probably an area that's perfect for improving efficiency. My set up time is around 10 minutes and pack up is about 5. This is in my garage though so that's to be expected. One interesting note is how much time the IK Foam sprayer saved me for wheel cleaning. I just pump it up, spray, let it dwell and then agitate with a brush and I'm done. Wheel cleaning was the final area I was struggling with for some time and it was a relief to find this product. I'm not sure how much more I can shave off what I do. Having said that I'm generally happy with how much I've improved.
  11. How to fix a scratch on Opticoat Pro+?

    Could the area be spot repaired (after polishing out the scratch) with Gloss Coat? There would be a cost involved with this considering how much you would need. I also imagine this would affect your warranty with the original installer.
  12. Detailing Efficiency Experiments

    I'm a big fan of the Forensic Detailing Channel. So much so that I'm actually a tier 2 ($5 a month) supporter of his on Patreon. I suppose everybody has a standard they like to wash to. Mine was that it had to be to the same standard as I was previously washing in the 'traditional' method. Like I've said, this is currently taking me around 50 minutes (which includes set up and pack up). I'm always open to hearing people's methods and tips though! P. S Jon's red BMW is really cool now.
  13. Gloss coat on wheels barrels?

    You are taking the wheels off, so why not? You won't get better protection unless you go Pro. Durability may be slightly reduced on wheels (?) but still better then any other options. If you do decide to please let us know how it goes and what you think.
  14. Detailing Efficiency Experiments

    In their defence - ONR can seem to be too good to be true. I remember looking at my car after the first (apprehensive) use and I thought 'you have got to be kidding me'. I have spent way too much time arguing with strangers who don't believe it in various Facebook groups. Then you get another guy come in and almost give you that knowing nod, like he gets it. There are so many good detailing products these days that it's not easy to be blown away anymore. ONR sits on the top of the mountain as the greatest product in my mind.
  15. I agree with this completely. He may seem like he's being tough on Optimum, but I was watching his video about another brand who happens to be based out of New York releasing his own rinseless (or waterless) wash and he was very tough on it as well. It's healthy to question and even criticize products and procedures at times. I found myself agreeing with a lot of what he said. He is a loudmouth and very opinionated but some of his videos are great. His video on washing car mats in particular blew my mind because I would never think like that (i.e outside of the detailing industry for products). Having said all that, I heard him trying to explain polymers in a video and it was a real face palm moment. Stick to what you know Scott, and that's cleaning dirty cars.