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    My name is Ron Masters, I am the owner of Authentic Detailing, LLC in Frankfort Indiana (Central Indiana an hour from Indianapolis to the North). The business has just been formed and will be a part-time business until it grows to a full time en devour. The OPT products that I have used (ONR, ONR + wax, Instant Detail Spray, Car Wax, and the big Red Sponge) are very efficient and effective. I was introduced to the products from the Youtube videos I watched with Yvan and Levi (Rag Company) and would recommend them to everyone...... I have purchased a building, located in a strategic location, that will be renovated to have retail space for product sales (hopefully the OPT product line once I can afford to be a dealer) and to offer different stages of details that can be performed. Our community is predominately blue collar but many white collar commute into the community lending itself to the inexpensive wash and wax to a full on paint correction/ interior perfection detail. Any advice from other business owners and the OPT team would be welcomed as to how to set pricing and market the business (why re-invent the wheel) Thank you OPT for your efforts to help new and experienced (notice I didn't say old) detailers with products, information, and techniques that will help our customers and consequently our business to grow further and faster. You are the best!