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  1. I bought a bottle of hyper seal and will try to apply tomorrow if the weather is nice. It is best to wipe with a thin microfiber towel like "the pearl" or a more plush microfiber towel like the "eagle edgeless 600", both from Rag Company. I already own both types.
  2. Thank you Guz and A&J for the response.
  3. Hello, Got a new car done with opticoat pro+ in January and have been washing with ONR wash & wax. Happy with the looks. I am curious if there is such a thing (or need) to refresh the pro+ coating or if ONR is enough. Thanks in advance.
  4. I've been using ONR wash & wax for the last several months and very pleased with the results. My method is using 5 microfiber towels, using one at a time folded in quarters and splaying a clean side after 1-2 passes. Generally only use 4 sides of a single towel before reaching for a clean one. After cleaning a panel or section of panels I use a microfiber towel to dry, and have two towels switching to a new one after 1/2 the car is done. Edit: If the car is real dirty I will pressure wash off the heavy stuff first.