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  1. Thanks Ron. I would have thought that the solution in the reservoir might need to be more concentrated since it is diluted by a relatively large amount of hose water from the pressure washer as it is applied via the washer's wand. Does that make sense? Edit: I just found this video from Optimum and it looks like they are using the product undiluted in the foam canon. Is that correct?
  2. I have a car treated with Opti-coat Pro and I have ordered Opti-Coat M-Wash which I will apply with a 1600 psi electric pressure washer and this foam cannon attachment: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Ryobi-Pressure-Washer-Foam-Blaster-RY31F04/300701619 My questions: How much do I dilute the M-wash in the cannon's reservoir? Or do I use it full strength? Can I store the unused solution in the reservoir until the next wash (prob. 2-3 wks.)?
  3. OCW on a newly applied Gloss Coat

    Hi, I am a new member with the same question. I had Opti-Coat Pro applied yesterday to my new Tesla Model S and I will make a 250 mile drive tomorrow in Texas which will surely result in a bug-splattered car. I will be home exactly one week after Opti-Coat Pro application. Should I just wait until I get back in a week to do the bug removal and a full cleaning or gently use ONR to spot-remove the bugs as you describe 2-3 days after Opti-Coat Pro treatment? I just worry about leaving the bug splatter on for too long but I don't want to use ONR before the recommended 7 days have passed. Thanks!