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  1. Toga570s

    Opticoat Care

    I'm very experienced with conventional polishes and waxes. There are quite a few Opticoat products and I'm not sure what product is required to maintain the coating. I'd expect over time to get contaminates that I'd used to remove using a detailer like Speed Shine and a clay bar. What should I use now? Since the Opticoat is supposed to be a 2-3 year protectant. What do I use to maintain a gloss and water beading? Overall it would be nice if an Opticoat expert told me how to maintain the cars. Cars are a white Mclaren and Mahogany Macan. Both garaged in northern CA.
  2. Toga570s

    New member in Norcal

    I had my McLaren 570S and my wife's Macan opticoated. I'm looking to learn what other products can be used to remove contaminants and preserve gloss on top of opticoat.