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  1. S_Porter

    Opti Coat Pro + Care and Maintenance

    Thank you, it's not to bad for a work truck!
  2. S_Porter

    Opti Coat Pro + Care and Maintenance

    Thanks for the info, I think I'll stick with the Opti coat ONR and the hyper seal so far I love the results. I have had the truck two months and so far have received more compliments on this truck after having the Pro+ coating then any truck that I have owned. Everyone notices and comments on the shine.
  3. S_Porter

    Opti Coat Pro + Care and Maintenance

    Thanks, I already have a spray bottle mixed up for the bugs, but that not strong of a mix , I'll have to add a little to it. The fact that you can use it the Opti products on all of the surfaces is really a plus.
  4. S_Porter

    Opti Coat Pro + Care and Maintenance

    Thank you both for the replies, so since it doesn't take much of the Opti Coat no rinse I may as well get that to clean the bugs off of the truck, camper and cleaning the boat. I don't see any of the product that specifically states to use on fiberglass, any recommendations? So far I'm liking the fact I can wash the vehicles in the garage after it gets dark when I have time and the shine is great even on the Jeep that hasn't had a coating applied.
  5. S_Porter

    Hi from IA

    I just started using Optimum products on my new "work truck" a 2017 F350 Platinum that I use to pull a trailer for my parking lot striping business and a home improvement business but also a 5th wheel camper and boat. I had the Pro + coat installed on it and I'm looking forward to the easy of caring for the truck in the future.
  6. I had the Opti Coat Pro+ applied to my new 2017 Super Duty and not sure what I need for the maintenance. Right now I have Opti Coat No Rinse and the hyper seal that I use on it as instructed by the dealer that applied the coating. Wash with ONR then spray with hyper seal and dry. But I want to get bottles to leave in our camper to use when we are away from home. Question: Do I want the Opti Coat No Rinse or the ONR Wash and Shine or the ONR Wash and Wax and are they all basically the same thing? In the Opti Coat Store the Opti Coat No Rinse is listed under maintenance and the ONRWS and ONRWW is listed under the cleaning so I confused on what to get. Whatever is the right produce to use on the truck can I get some of the same benefits by using it on our boat and Jeep that has not had the coating installed on them? Thanks for any help.