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    Optimum Gloss-Coat

    Before asking my question I just want to say thank you to Ron and others in this thread, there is a ton of great questions and answers (just read the whole sticky thread). I applied Gloss Coat for the first time this past Friday after a half day of prep on the car. After application I waited an hour, applied OptiSeal, then let the car sit in the garage overnight (16 hours total). I had a 2 hour road trip the next day and against my better judgement I took the freshly coated car (the car looked absolutely stunning). Weather forecast was sunny but with it warming up in the Midwest the bugs were around during the morning drive I accumulated my share of bug guts. On the drive home I drove through some light rain. So my question: I know the instructions say 8 hours no water, 7 days until soap. ONR is not soap; safe to do a light ONR wash or should I wait and leave the car dirty until 7 days pass? Thanks again!