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  1. Is the Optimum Car wash safe for Gloss coated Paint? Does it have and glossifiers or any other chemicals that would alter the Gloss Coat beading and sheeting action? I am looking for a high foam soap to use in my foam gun that is safe for Ceramic coating?
  2. Payton34

    Optimum Gloss coat lacks sheeting beading

    I just washed today with the chemical guys honeydew and pitched the meg gold class and went over truck with optimum paint prep. Then sprayed hood and fender and it is working much better thanks for the tips. I have car pro reset on order and Optiseal along with another gloss coat kit for second car but this time will use Optiseal afterward to protect GC during cure time.
  3. Payton34

    Optimum Gloss coat lacks sheeting beading

    I just ordered a new gloss coat kit and I am going to start over doing decon, polish then gloss coat. I also ordered Opti seal to apply after the gloss coat to protect it during the curing time. I will see from there how it goes. What is the difference between opti seal and hyper seal? I only used the Opt quick detailer because I love the extra shine it adds and it helps dry the paint quicker. In the past before I ever used gloss coat I was using the Quick detailer over paint sealant and had excellent water beading so I bought a gallon last year. I will redo my gloss coat and avoid the quik detailer to see how it performs.
  4. Payton34

    Optimum Gloss coat lacks sheeting beading

    Is there a safe instant detailer to use in between washes to remove finger prints light dirt etc that will not effect the coating? When I originally was researching coatings I already had been using the Opt instant detailer for years and loved it and still have almost a gallon. I had emailed Otimum with questions and was told the Opt int detailer is ok to use with the gloss coat in between washing and could still use as a drying aid.
  5. I recently put Optimum Gloss coat on my truck 3 weeks ago. I washed then did Iron X decon followed by claying the entire truck. I machine polished with Optimum Finish polish then used the Optimum paint prep. I applied the gloss coat one panel at a time watched it flash over and left no high spots. The first rain storm was 2 days later and the water did bead well and roll off easily. I washed the truck a week later with Chemical guy honeydew foam cannon and Meguiars Goldclass in my bucket. Since then the water no longer beads half as well and doesn't really fly off while driving. It is easier to wash the truck but even when rinsing it off it doesn't have a sheeting effect and the beads are not what I have seen from pics and videos. I also maintain the paint with optimum instant detailer and glossifier after I wash the truck. Did I do something wrong? I know the Gloss coat is applied to the paint and it is much easier to wash as any dirt falls off easily but I am not seeing the "self cleaning" effect since the water beading just sits on the paint and isn't sheeting off or blowing off while driving. Also is the Optimum intatant detailer ok to use in between washes? I have a gallon of it and would hate to have to toss it. I have searched online and some say the detailer spray is the problem or the car wash soap is the problem? Is it sake to wash then use the optimum paint prep to remove any wax residues or will the paint prep damage the coating?