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  1. I was trying to find some of the Optimum products and came across two different online stores selling the products that both appear to be owned by Optimum Polymer Technologies (OPT). The links are: Are these both stores owned and operated by OPT?
  2. I would be interested in understanding what he meant by durable. If he meant time between applications that would make it easier to compare given the cost differential between the products.
  3. I've been using Beadmaker on my OptiCoat Pro+ coated car and it works perfectly fine. I found that it helps with water beading. I did a test and found that water beads up and falls faster on a Beadmaker section vs the non-Beadmaker section. A number of other detailers have posted videos on YouTube showing similar behavior with other ceramic coatings.
  4. It's been about 6 months since the coating application. I've been quite diligent in cleaning the car weekly but sometimes I skip a week. I perform a no-rinse wash method using ONR and every couple of weeks I use Opti-Seal. Lately, I've started to notice that the surface doesn't feel as smooth and slippery and I think that it is probably a buildup of contaminants. Sometimes, when I get some bird pop or tree sap droplets, I spray with with my ONR quick detail but it takes a bit of effort to wipe off the crap with my micro-fiber cloth. Any suggestions or recommendations on how to decontaminate the surface and also to remove the bird poop and tree sap without harming the OptiCoat coating?
  5. Which Power Clean product? Optimum Power Clean or Opti-Coat Power Clean? From what I can see, they both perform the same function but OCPC costs 65% more than OPC.
  6. For those that have a installed Opti-Coat Pro+, how do you remove stubborn scuff-marks (eg paint transfer, rubber, etc.) that won't come off with a car shampoo or with ONR? I've seen a lot of detailing videos where Magic Eraser (sometimes with diluted all-purpose cleaner and sometimes with ONR solution) is used on surfaces to remove scuff marks that don't come off . What is OPT's position on this method should we encounter such a situation? If Magic Eraser isn't a recommended path, what method should be used?
  7. tkripala

    How to fix a scratch on Opticoat Pro+?

    I took a closer look at the scratch after I washed the car yesterday and it doesn't look or feel like the scratch is in the top coat, i.e. Opti-Coat Pro+. I ran my finger lightly over it to see if I could feel the scratch but couldn't tell. So, it looks like it may be under the Opticoat layer. I guess I'll have to take it to the installer and have it looked at.
  8. tkripala

    How to fix a scratch on Opticoat Pro+?

    Is this something that I can do myself?
  9. I have an OptiCoat Pro+ coated car and I just spotted a scratch on the door. I realize that Pro+ cannot prevent scratches so how does one fix the scratch? On a non-coated car, a little bit of polishing with a fine compound would be one way of fixing the scratch but if I did that on a coated car, that would remove the coating, right?