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  1. Which Power Clean product? Optimum Power Clean or Opti-Coat Power Clean? From what I can see, they both perform the same function but OCPC costs 65% more than OPC.
  2. For those that have a installed Opti-Coat Pro+, how do you remove stubborn scuff-marks (eg paint transfer, rubber, etc.) that won't come off with a car shampoo or with ONR? I've seen a lot of detailing videos where Magic Eraser (sometimes with diluted all-purpose cleaner and sometimes with ONR solution) is used on surfaces to remove scuff marks that don't come off . What is OPT's position on this method should we encounter such a situation? If Magic Eraser isn't a recommended path, what method should be used?
  3. How to fix a scratch on Opticoat Pro+?

    I took a closer look at the scratch after I washed the car yesterday and it doesn't look or feel like the scratch is in the top coat, i.e. Opti-Coat Pro+. I ran my finger lightly over it to see if I could feel the scratch but couldn't tell. So, it looks like it may be under the Opticoat layer. I guess I'll have to take it to the installer and have it looked at.
  4. How to fix a scratch on Opticoat Pro+?

    Is this something that I can do myself?
  5. I have an OptiCoat Pro+ coated car and I just spotted a scratch on the door. I realize that Pro+ cannot prevent scratches so how does one fix the scratch? On a non-coated car, a little bit of polishing with a fine compound would be one way of fixing the scratch but if I did that on a coated car, that would remove the coating, right?