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  1. Figuring out Opti-coat Maintenance

    Thanks Ron. I understand the strategy. Just wanted to add my perspective. Ill try the OID. I hadn’t thought of it helping with bugs. Thanks for the idea.
  2. Figuring out Opti-coat Maintenance

    Thanks Ron! I have a big bottle of OID that I never broke open. I thought I saw somewhere that said it would not play well with Opt Paintguard. I will give it a try if you say so! On OCNR, I get that you are trying to build a sales channel for the dealers, but that doesnt necessarily take care of your consumers. My dealer does not carry product. When I asked, he suggested ordering direct. Unless you build a base and community, the few bucks dealers can make on product doesn't encourage them to carry inventory and designate retail space. You guys do a great job on videos and brand. But very little of that exists for the Opti-coat maintenance line. Build demand and encourage the dealers to retail the products, and I will happily pick it up there when I drop off for a detail every 6 months or so. And I still suggest larger sizes for the OCNR. At least a 32 oz if not a gallon. I would gladly buy at a premium to ONR if the volume benefit were similar. BTW, is OCNR supposed to be mixed into a quick detailer? There isnt a dedicated product in the Opti-coat line.
  3. Figuring out Opti-coat Maintenance

    Leaf blower in a suit at 7:30 am would not be logitically feasible. For me or my neighbors! Small sample size, but I really liked the Opti-Coat No Rinse, but the price! And only smalll bottles. It is a double whammy. I will use what I have for washes and stick with ONR for spray bottle use. At least until there is a larger size available at a better price. $1.25/oz for OCNR is steep. ONR in a gallon is only $0.3125/oz. It is good stuff, but not 4x as good.
  4. Figuring out Opti-coat Maintenance

    When it rains, I get a lot of water on the car. Hood, windshield, etc. That much standing water creates a hassle. In stop and go traffic it either blows up to the windshield or rolls down from the roof. I was hoping that between the coating and a few spritzes of detail spray that a quick drag of a towel would be safe and solve the problem. Having said all that, I am thinking that the car is just not as hydrophobic as I envisioned.
  5. Figuring out Opti-coat Maintenance

    Thanks! Any idea how long it takes hyper seal to cure? I’m also wondering the best way to dry off the car after rain. For a relatively clean car with just rain water sitting, could I use a light spray of Instant Detailer and wipe with a drying towel? Is that enough lubrication for the stuff in rain water?
  6. In the past 5 weeks I have done the following to my fairly new Jeep Grand Cherokee: Optimum Paint Guard (installed by a local dealer) ONR Wash w/ Opti-seal dryng aid ONR WW wash with some power clean to loosen the bugs after a long road trip Opti-coat No Rinse wash w/ Hyper Seal drying aid (and ONR pre-spray) The last wash was yesterday. Drying with the Hyper Seal, the towel (TRC Twistress) was gliding across the paint like it was on air. Amazing. But there were streaks that looked like high spots that showed afetr a few seconds and needed a second pass. What I am trying to figure out is if I have put too much on the car as far as sealants. It sits outdoors under trees at the house, so my primary goal is to protect from birds and berries. But the glossiness is nice too. There is so little public info online about Opticoat No Rinse and Hyper Seal that I dont feel I know as much about them as the standard products. (sidenote: more instructional videos would be really helpful) It is going to rain for the next week and half here on the east coast. When I wash after that stretch, what combination of products and methods would you use then and going forward? Thanks!
  7. After Paint Guard....

    Thanks Dann. Can you tell me exactly what you like better than the legacy Optimum products?
  8. After Paint Guard....

    I had Opti-Coat Paint Guard and Hyper Seal done last week on my almost new Jeep Grand Cherokee daily driver. Now I am trying to determine my regualr maintenance routine. What would be the practical difference between ONR + Opti-seal vs. Opti-coat No Rinse and Hyper Seal? Even the 2-4x price difference isnt a huge deal if there is tangible benefit to going with the opti-coat products. I just have not found a concrete answer beyond a slightly slicker look. Thanks in advance!