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    Alternative methods

    i am american but i live in beirut
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    Alternative methods

    Thx for all the replies and sorry to drag the subject a little bit more but i like to give you the whole picture and what i am thinking so please comment. I have rented a new small workshop in a prime area, very good location very clean and well sealed but my problem is i have water restriction and cannot wash inside or in front of the shop, plus i am out of paint prep for at least two month, time for my shipment to arrive (i am overseas). The closest washing station is 4 miles away, so for application of opticoat pro plus i figure the process to be the following, 1- take the car to the washing station for a full wash 2- once i bring the car back to the shop do a quick ONR rinsless wash to make sure nothing in on the paint from the drive from the washing station. 3- do paint correction with OPT products ( compound and polish) 4- do a second ONR wash 5- do a wipe down with a 25% IPA solution. 6- start the coating Pls give me ur opinion or any adjustment u think i should do
  3. maan

    Alternative methods

    Thx for the replies what about (3) a wash before the wipe down
  4. Hi guys, I know the importance of optimum synergie specially when applying optcoat pro plus , but sometimes if you are overseas some optimum products may not be imidiatly accesable to you due to some logistics issues so would like to know a couple of alternative solutions if i am out of some certain products. 1- can opticlean replace paint prep 2- what about ONR with a more concentrated dilution ratio 3- if using other compounds and plolihes would a wash before the wipe down help. Thx
  5. Hi, what if i use the HPCS correctly as instructed but I do not have ONR available for the pads, what is the alternative? 1- use a dry pad 2- dampen the (clean) pad with just water