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  1. After applying Gloss-Coat to the wheels, is it safe to do regular maintenance cleaning with OPC at a 3:1 dilution? I know that Gloss-Coat is only a semi-permanent coating so I just want to make sure that I don't strip the Gloss-Coat at this dilution ratio. Thanks.
  2. Detailing Efficiency Experiments

    What product do you use in the IK Foam sprayer to clean your wheels? I'm thinking of doing something similar but I'm wondering if doing this inside the garage will make too much of a mess.
  3. Decon Process

    Thank you guys.
  4. Decon Process

    Hi guys, I'll be getting my car ready for polishing so I wanted to run my decontamination process by the experts first: 1. Use decon car wash soap to remove existing wax/sealant 2. While the surface is still wet, spray Ferrex to all panels, let dwell for a few minutes then rinse with hose water 3. While the surface is still wet, apply MDR to paint/glass with a microfiber applicator, let dwell for a few minutes then rinse with hose water 4. Dry the car to avoid water spots, then clay using ONR as clay lube 5. Final wash to remove any clay residue, then dry to prepare for polishing I would like to know if Ferrex and MDR are more effective when applying to a dry car, or can they be used directly onto a wet/cool surface? Also, as long as I'm not in direct sun, can I apply MDR to the entire car before going back and rinsing? Is there anything else you would add/remove or re-arrange the order in this process? Thanks.
  5. Decon Process

    Thanks for your response. Yes, unfortunately the car does have some water spots. Do you suggest using MDR after the normal wash and before claying? Would I need to dry the surface before using MDR?
  6. New Member from Australia

    Thanks for the welcome guys. I haven't had any communication with Joel yet but I'll be sure to introduce myself. Thanks for the links, time to get started on those podcasts!
  7. Hi everyone, I'm not new to detailing but I am new to OPT products and will be placing my first order shortly. After doing plenty of research and reading recommendations, I'm really looking forward to the performance, value but most importantly, ease of use. I'm especially looking forward to trying ONR + BRS as I've been looking for a more efficient way of doing rinseless washes that does not include using multiple towels. When I first heard of the BRS I must admit I was a little sceptical, but I figured who am I to dispute the reputation and the science behind it? So I'm jumping right in! Look forward to learning and chatting with you all! Ed.