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  1. Thanks, Ron! I've been trying to justify buying this, but I have the Hyper system line, so maybe I'll wait til after Christmas
  2. Where does the poli-seal product fit into the synergy system, what with the sprays seeming to be the most efficient polishes/compounds? Should I consider it being on a progressive level of cut compared to the Hyper polish, or intensive polish? Thanks for helping me clarify its use within the system!
  3. Edmund

    Optimum Opti-Bond vs CarPro PERL

    So I bought a bottle (well, the gallon size "bottle"!) of Optibond right after reading The THiiNG's review, and have tested it on my Suburban with excellent results! I diluted it 1:1 to see what type of sheen it would produce, and it is a very nice semi-gloss. I cleaned the tires first with power clean at 4:1 dilution, then applied the Optibond with a foam tire dressing sponge applicator. It did last at least two weeks (more like four), as I intentionally overlooked the wheels when washing the car with ONR after two weeks. The deep black of tires was still evident when I washed the tires again, this time a spray of ONR. The application of the Optibond was easier this second time, and the tires are somehow a richer shade of black! The wizardry of Optimum synergy never ceases to amaze me! I have included the Optibond application with four of my clients' vehicles, and each one has remarked on the improvement/enhancement of the sheen and color of their tires. I tried to submit a picture, but it exceeded the bitrate, or something technical . - Sorry, 303, but you are taking a well-deserved rest on my product shelf.
  4. Edmund

    Optimum Opti-Bond vs CarPro PERL

    Thank you, Thiiing! (I feel like Gomez Addams when I say that!) I've been an avid user of Aerospace 303 Protectant for the last eighteen years, and have only recently found this great Optimum product line; it seems that the Optibond will be the new replacement (along with the OPP) for trim, tires and interior plastics. Your pictures are very helpful in showing the level of gloss that Optibond produces. Can you relay any durability results? 303 is great, but tends to attract dust.