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  1. Thanks ! I'll Call my detailer tomorrow and get him to have a bottle of Hyper-Seal to sell me when i take it in for its 30 day check next week. Living in the snowbelt anything that helps get that stuff off in winter is a help. Espeially ice. Nothing makes my skin crawl more then having ice on my paint and hearing it scrape its way off the hood when driving. . If i can have it stick less then there a better chance toi get it off before i hit the road. I am going to get him to apply a coating of Opti-glass as well.
  2. ExGunner

    Heres my 2017 Tacoma

    Ive done some ** cough** modification to her. 1) 2.5" level lift in front + 1" lift in back with Sumo Springs. 2) Tinted out the windows with rain guards 3) Replaced stock cheese Grater Grill with the TRD Pro Grille 4) Bull Bar added 5) RTX Crawler rims this is what the truck looked like day 1 when i picked her up from the dealership for comparison
  3. I figured it was an educated guess at best and i certainly wouldn't hold anyone to a quoted time Frame. I appreciate your answer. I was just hoping this wasnt a once a week application. If i can maybe get a few months per application at best i am happy.
  4. ExGunner

    New Opti Product Suggestion

    I might be able to try that. I watched a video about just taking a bucket pre filled with me with a lid on , hand wash and use their system to rinse. This might be the best idea Ill check out the video tonight when i get home. Thanks for the suggestion I'll take anything but those damn sand paper like brushes screwing up my Puurdy paint job.
  5. Maybe an Opti-Brush bag ? Opti-brush cover.. For those of us who live in Apartments and Condo's we dont have a driveway to bucket hand wash our vehicles. I cant even bucket wash at most manual car washes because your on a timer and woul start a riot if you took too long most days. I like going to the manual washes but those brushes are usually a grit filled nightmare even after you rinse them off. How about a micro fiber bag that can be laced over the brush head.. lets the soap flow through but gives a level of protection and a micro fiber surface to wash your vehicle with against the brush heads contaminants and grit. Eeven maybe put a dense songe layer inside at the wash head or something. I know i could tie a good sized Micro fiber cloth around the head and cinch it on with some string or something.. but a designed and through through product is always better.
  6. Just got the Opti-coat pro Plus done a few weeks ago. Todd the detailer did a Fantastic Job. I cant state how happy and impressed i am at this product. I dont think the picture i uploaded does the result justice as it was a bit cloudy that day so i linked aideo walk around too Todd did for his business Facebook page. My 2017 Toyota Tacoma Opti-coat Pro Plus Video from detailers Facebook Page
  7. I just got my 2017 Tacoma done on August 29 with Opti-coat Pro plus. Truck came out Fantastic. I take it back in 2 weeks for its 30 day check after it has fully hardened and the My retailed will do his final magic at that time. I was going to get him to apply Hyper-seal when he washed it and checked the coating for any areas that need touching up. We will be going into Fall and winter and living in a snowbelt area there is no lack of snow Ice and unfortunately Road salt to contend with. But thats why i got the Opti coat Pro Plus so my paint would have some ability to resist the salts and other things they spray on the road like the brine solutions they use before a storm. If he applies Hyper-seal end of September how long will that application last. I know there are lots of factors that could affect its life.. just trying to get some idea. . The truck in the winter gets not much more then a whip through a touchless car wash once a week and wont really see a good proper bath until spring. I am going to buy a bottle as well for myself to have but applying anything when its -10c below zero isnt usually going to work well. or Maybe it should be Opti-seal ?