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  1. I have seen the video by TRC about how to wash microfiber Towels, and Yvan talks about how he uses OPC has a microfiber detergent. Personally, I have used Micro-Restore forever, and I am wondering if OPC as a detergent is as effective. It would make purchasing chemicals a lot easier since I won't have to go to different suppliers. Please share any of your personal experiences because so far I love OPC for its many uses.
  2. Hello, I am from NorCal and I just got started in automotive detailing. I am only 16 and just bought my first car which is a 1999 Mercedes-Benz CLK 430. It is a red car and has a lot of scratches which is pretty disappointing since it makes it look very dull. I have started to learn to use all the detailing things and OPT is what I am experimenting with now. I actually really like all of the products that I have tried so far, and my car is looking a lot better without all the swirl marks. I am also learning how to vinyl wrap cars, so if anybody has some tips on this forum please do let me know.