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    Thanks for the welcome. Answer to your question is yes I plan on having a water tank and PW. They will be mounted in my van. As far as rindless... I plan on doing it, not exclusively though.
  2. My name is Matt and currently hate my job and am seriously thinking about starting my own detailing business. I have used optimum products in the past when GPS and the Hyper line was first introduced. I had my own home based business in the early 90s that was successful, but I moved( retired USAF) I ceramic coated my GTI in 2011. If I do start my own business I want to use and promote one brand. Not use one brand for correction, one for coating, one for interior. I think Optimum fits all my needs except for fallout removal which I’m not to concerned with. I’m looking into starting out first as Mobile, then getting a shop(none around here anyways right now) looking at a 2019 Nissan NV200 van to use. I’m early into this idea and am thinking around Jan 2019 to begin this adventure. No questions just here to learn.