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  1. Andrewwbrowne

    OPC Foam dried on glass

    FYI It was diluted 3:1 but one side of the car was definitely exposed to the sun. It seems to have faded have definitely learnt my lesson for next time
  2. Andrewwbrowne

    OPC Foam dried on glass

    Hey Ron, thanks for the response. I'll have to give that a go, cheers:)
  3. Andrewwbrowne

    OPC Foam dried on glass

    Hey Guys, Huge fan of the products but I've made a silly mistake. I used the Ik foamer with OPC to wash a car but underestimated the drying power of the sun and have left the foam to dry on the glass. I've tried re-washing, clay bar, window cleaner and even hand polished it but haven't had much luck with getting the stains out. Can anyone recommend a product or solution for me? Thanks!