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    Optimum for "sticky" plastic trim

    Thanks Lowejackson for the response. Your thinking matches mine and I think a fix is doubtful. I considered an experiment of trying Lens Coat, to see if it would bond to and provide a hard shell. I will let you know if I get the chance to try that and what happened. I loved your line about the "two memories may have merged" It could explain a lot for me, too. Be well
  2. I have a customer with a 2006 VW beetle convertible that has interior plastic/vinyl trim parts that have become sticky and will rub off black. They have contacted many who say it is an unfixable problem. Is there an optimum possible fix for this? Any suggestions or experiments would be appreciated.
  3. Wayward Sun

    Is Optimum "ceramic"

    Thanks Ron, you have been consistently helpful. So, I will think of "ceramic" as a generic descriptor. It is easier than explaining "ionic and covalent bonds
  4. Wayward Sun

    Is Optimum "ceramic"

    I have seen some advertisers call Optimum Gloss Coat a "ceramic". But I notice that you do not include this word in product descriptions. I want to be sure that I am being honest with customers. Can you give guidance please on which, if any, Optimum products can properly be referred to as ceramic?
  5. Wayward Sun

    optimum on golf carts - part 2

    Thanks Ron, I have to say that putting Optimum Gloss on vinyl is a bit of a mind bender for me. It is hard to translate "ceramic" to flexible fabrics. Does it maintain is longevity in a situation where it is bending and flexing all the time. Also, I am wondering if the UV protection of the Lens coating will work if it is only applied to the exterior surface of the windshield, or will I need to do both sides. This stuff is a bit pricey and from a time/cost basis for the customer, doing one side would be helpful.
  6. Wayward Sun

    optimum on golf carts - part 2

    Thanks Ron. I had thought about GPS, but the product description doesn't indicate it provides UV protection. That is a must in the Florida sun.
  7. So, I am a new Optimum convert. After much research and testing the products on my cars, I am sold. By the way, I do appreciate all of the educational materials you have out on the web. It was very helpful to get me to this place. I am going to be detailing golf carts and am set with ONR, hyper compound, polish and optiseal. For customers that want the extra protection of ceramics, I have a few questions. I am good with Optimum Gloss Coat on fiberglass and plastic trim. First, I would like your feedback on the use of Optimum Lens Coat on the plastic windshields. My assumption is that the chemistry is similar to headlight lens, but am not sure. Second, Is Optimum Gloss Coat a suitable product for use on vinyl seats and canvas? My last issue involves the soft vinyl windows curtains. My thinking is that hyper polish with a soft pad would be safe for deep cleaning and restoration. Then, would the lens coat work for protection? Thanks for all you do.
  8. Wayward Sun

    Optimum Products on golf carts

    Thanks Lowejackson for the information it is helpful.
  9. Wayward Sun

    Optimum Products on golf carts

    Thanks for the quick response.
  10. I am going to be detailing golf carts and, for much of the work, it is clear to me that the Optimum product line is a great match. My specific question is the Hyper compound and Hyper polish safe and effective on fiberglass gelcoat?